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I know I've seen posts about this before, but wanted to bring the idea back up. How cool would it be to have a Burning Man type ABDL festival? Similar to how Burning Man creates the imaginable, an ABDL type festival would give that "honey I shrunk the kids effect." Literally just freewriting off the top of my head fun ideas:

The more I think and read over this it would probably be better suited for a resort type experience. As far fetched as it sounds I’d be really curious to see if there wasn’t a market for it. I highly doubt it’d be something you could rely on all year round, plus it would took a lot of self promotion and or word of mouth to even get recognized. Nonetheless it’s still fun to let the brain run wild in the imagination.

-In a resort experience each room would come equipped with an adult high chair, and crib. The rooms would have to be unique in their own way. Think “pirate floor” where the carpet featured a plank with sharks surrounding (something so mall and creative like this would go a long way). Each room on the “pirate floor” might have oval windows like a ship, it would have a telescope to a “built in live view” or a genuine good vantage point out the window.

-People collect autographs from different characters in costume like a Disney World experience

-Something unique to "ABDL WORLD" or whatever you'd call it could be a lasting film that questions growing up / life / societal pressures. This wouldn't just be any "end of the week" festival wrap up, highlight reel. Imagine the overall experience captured in a short film that's able to give a positive message about the ABDL community. Picture these "end festival films" becoming so popular among the community word spreads and now other people want to see this positive imagery on our extremely closed off community. I'm just saying a propaganda esque film tied to the festival that illicts a bonding response among the ABDL community could have a tremendous impact.

-I know it's been a fleeting fantasy at some point in any ABDL's mind...imagine a robot diaper changing station. Something maybe like a conveyor belt that you'd lie down on and go through the diaper changing process. This is pretty far fetched but can you imagine how mind blowing it would be if it appeared at something like a festival.

-Fireworks every night - lots of em. In this day in age I don't understand how you can't have a "silent" firework show. Don't get me wrong I understand how a firework gives off color, but I'm suggesting there's gotta be a way to use high powered lights to "splash" colors and patterns in the night sky. That way a loud fireworks show wouldn't disrupt all the sleeping babies :) I'm thinking if you put off a lot of smoke and shot lasers through the sky that might give the same effect? I'm no pyrotechnic or light master by any means - leave that one to the experts.

-One really special movie theatre. Maybe instead of chairs it's open crib seating, or special bean bag pods, with candy that would literally rain down from the ceiling at the end of the show (can you imagine). Thousands of tootsie rolls, or skittles falling from above?

-In the "town" or community of ABDL there would have to be soda machines on corners similar to you'd find pay phones back in the day.

ABDL amusement type mini park

-Possible other unique rides that are fun like a roller coaster, but instead of riding in "trains" you're trapped in a crib or something similar.
-Huge indoor laser tag
-go kart track but instead of riding in gokarts you're riding in mario kart themed cars. Along the course there could be things to pull, "mario kart" type obstacles to avoid. (the festival could hold speed challenges, races, and other competitions throughout the festival)
-Insane miniature golf course (competitions to earn the “Master’s Green Jacket" aka Golden Diaper or Golden Paddle depending if they're big or little.

-There could be people registered as "babies" and people registered as "adults." The adults would wear something obvious like a pin or badge and they could have the authority to give out
stickers for good behavior? Something a little would be proud to collect and earn over the course of the festival.

-Motorized strollers that can only be driven by (bigs)

-Imagine if the festival celebrated some of the major holidays...Day one might be thanksgiving where everyone breaks bread together. Picture it "fake snowing" for Christmas, and a massive easter egg hunt. 4th of July could conclude things bringing everyone back together and build camaraderie for the ABDL

-Big and Little olympics: imagine all the fun you could have with this
It all sounds wonderful, but exspensive and niche.
Most can be left up to fantasy sadly...
But I think a "Kids" resort for adults would do nicely, and even then the more AB things would need to be hush-hush.
Even if you include open minded people, I think there may be enough for something like this.
But most of your ideas are fantasy.

And Fireworks are nice for the noise, and they're the brightest. Laser lights are a close second, smoke isn't eco friendly.
I really love your imagination Noah! I most certainly would love to visit your idea of a AB resort experience! It's a shame we can't all come together and make it a reality, huh? I really appreciated the focus on indulging in childish but rather innocent behavior.. although that last one has me SUPSICIOUS. Hehe.

Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!!! Once I write a best seller novel and win some scratchcards you are totally hired!

.....May be awhile....but Ill work on it.....

Very cool post!
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