15 Step Tutorial for 12+ hour ATN .

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Okay i was asked about how i specifically prepare an ATN with ADUL (Always Discreet Ultimate Long) Pads for a 12+ hour long Diaper. And well i thought i might as well share my daily process for preparing my ATN's for a 12+ hour use through out the work day ect.

This is a cost effective alternative to premium selections which can also be made into 12+ hour diapers but cost double the price when buying in bulk, where the bulk order is also containing less quantity then the same size option in a brand such as the Tranquility ATN. Thats why however for a reasonably low price comparatively you can bulk purchase 4 - 5 months worth of ATN diapers and ADUL pads while only using 2 each per day to make it count. I mean somehow this combination just makes for so much capacity while still being moderately discreet due to the thinness of the ATN and especially the ADUL Pads.

Any ways here is the routine i follow:

[1] Assemble the Materials needed : 2 ATNs , 2 ADUL Pads.

[1a] And a Box Cutter to create perforations.

[2] The first ATN gets spread out flat first.

[3] I use my knee and hand to stretch the center section while using my other hand to run up and down the middle of the center section to raise the leak guards. This is essential to create the proper protection you will need to achieve a perfect snug fit.

[4] This will be the outer most diaper it can now be set aside.

[5] The next ATN gets laid down inside facing down in order to prepare it for use as the inner diaper. This will be prepared by stretching it length wise as well as slicing slits into the outer shell of the ATN. Do not open the wings yet.

[6] The box cutter blade will need to be out a very small amount. Just enough to cleanly slice through the outer shell with out pulling apart the SAP and Fluff inside.

[7] I put my knee or toe on the top of the front of the ATN, where there is no absorbent material, to hold it down.

[8] Then I use my hand to hold the other end in order to stretch the center section out.

[9] Now while holding it down with either your knee or toe and your hand, use your other hand to slice 7 to 13 slits in the back as highlighted in the picture below.

[9a] I usually always do 13 because the flow is not as fast as you would think between the diapers and this aids in preventing overflow leaks.

[9b] If you have done it right you will have to stretch the plastic shell out sideways a little in order for the Slice perforations to fully open.

[10] Now retrieve the first ATN that will be the outer most diaper and lay it flat again and then lay the inner perforated ATN on top.

[11] Now once again with the knee/toe - Hand stretch technique hold down both ATN's and use your other hand to run between the leak guards in order to lift them up and activate them on the inner perforated ATN.

[11a] If you have done everything right you should now have two ATN's laying on top of each other with the inner perforated ATN sitting within the leak guards of the outer ATN.

[12] Next we prepare the ADUL Pads. The next 6 steps will be the same for both pads. You can use 1 only but i find two really gives it that absorption speed plus distribution for capacity necessary to make it a 12+ hour set up.

[13] Open it up. Do not remove the plastic on the back yet exposing the adhesive surface. Fold it in half length wise. This is necessary because these pads are stiff. They are stff because these pads are WAY slimmer then any other pad out right now and so they are compressed quite a bit, however they hold just as much as a Tena Ultimate Long Or a Poise Ultimate long per-say, but are only 1/3 the size.

[14] Lay the pad face down and again with the trusty ole knee/toe - hand stretch technique, stretch it out.

[14a] Now while you have it stretched out use your other hand to take the box cutter and make 7 slices in the back of the pads.

[14b] Having the plastic still on the back makes this step very easy.

[14c] This step takes more force then the slicing of the ATN because these pads are dense, but you should have 7 slices as highlighted below.

[14d] Since they are dense i like to give all the slices a little help to open up, do not worry nothing will come out, they are tightly packed. It is not undesirable to cut into the sap a little these do swell but i have never seen them spill out excessively like you might expect.

[15] Now we take the pad and remove the plastic and while stretching the diaper assembly out lay the first pad starting from the very rear of the absorbent material in the back, flush to the center portion between the leak guards.

[15a] Taking the last pad and starting from the very top of the front absorbent partial lay the pad down till it over laps the front of the read pad while sitting flush in the center between the leak guards.

^_^ Thats it, 15 simple steps for a 12+ hour ATN diaper.:thumbsup: This set up rocks. ^_^

I pretty much wear one of these 24/7. It does take a good 10 minutes to set up when you get it down to a science however on the plus side you only have to do this once per day most of the time if timed right in your schedule. The ATNs are known for having their SAP fall around and sag but when you wear them together like this the outer ATN sap never breaks and helps to keep the inner ATN sap in place, works like a charm. Now all you need is your oil, lotion, powder, creams or what have you and your ready to roll.
These have held up to a very active life style including work, parties, dancing, snowboarding , long drives, sleeping and just hanging around, with hardly ever leaking. Only time it leaks is when they go over capacity.

Hope this helps, enjoy !

PS: This can obviously applied to almost any other plastic backed Diaper and Pad, some combinations work really well together like my example. I first perfected this technique with ABU SDK's and Tena Ultimate Long Pads, another great combo.. a better one actually back when ABU HAD sales and had SDK's on sale for 82 cents per diaper for a case.
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Impressive! If I had the means I'd get these supplies and totally rock it on a Saturday all day :p Sadly the college student lacks funds and privacy to get that done :p Great tutorial though!
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