Dreaded Diaper Rash

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For those that wear diapers 24/7, what is your technique or suggestions to prevent diaper rash. Does switching from disposable to cloth diapers help in prevention?
Yes and no. I have an issue with watering blisters in my diaper area, especially when I'm using plasticbacked disposables. If I use clothbacked diapers I don't get as many. Genuine Clothdiapers and pul pants is something I sleep in because of bedwetting.


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The only diaper rash I ever got was while wearing a cloth diaper. I don't really blame the cloth diaper but it reminded me that I shouldn't wear them in the same way with the same expectations as a disposable. They keep the wetness close which is fun in its own way but not good for my skin over the longer term.


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While I don't wear 24/7, I have worn 24/7 for stretches of time, up to a week at most and I have only ever gotten a rash about 3 times, which is a pretty low amount considering I have worn on and off for the last 8 years.

My prevention is simple, I use zinc cream, I apply a coat to my bum and I apply some to my groin area, between the legs before I diaper up. I also use corn starch based baby powders as they curb moisture better than the standard stuff. I also make sure to stay well-hydrated.

A lot of the time people get rashes, I believe it's not due to the total time spent in a diaper so much as the potency of their urine. If you drink lots of water and mild fluids like milk, you'll wet, but it'll be inoffensive allowing you to wear for a decent amount of time. Also, goes without saying, if you mess, change immediately, messing runs the greater risk of causing rashes as opposed to wetting.

The zinc cream and powder does really help minimize chances of rash though. Zinc cream is resilient, it'll stick to you long after you change even, that's protection you can count on :)

Also, zinc cream helps for fending off active rashes. When I had rashes in the past, I put on some zinc cream and it was basically gone overnight.
I've noticed that I get diaper rash, or at least something that's flirting with the borderline and about to become diaper rash, if I don't drink as much water as I usually do. That said, I don't mess my diapers and I do not wear 24/7.


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Try using some diaper cream/baby lotion such as Aveeno Baby. Aveeno Baby has dimethicone in it which is very effective.


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Diaper rash can be from many causes, including sweat. Sweat is what usually gives me a rash. I've also got chafing rashes from cloth backed diapers on the side panel. I rarely get rash and I've been pretty much 24/7 for a year and a half. I've been using medicated baby powder which has diaper rash cream in it.

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No real difference between cloth and disposable. You just need to learn how to air out, the apply diaper "cream", then apply diaper "ointment".
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