1. T

    Traveling & Hotels in Diapers

    I'm a bit nervous to fly / tsa with my diapers. I will be traveling soon, flying and staying in a hotel my first time since needing to wear diapers again. Should I ask the hotel if they can provide a plastic sheet? And when disposing my diapers should I just leave them in the trash in the room...
  2. M

    Dealing with the TSA at the airport help

    So, I understand that there have been a bunch of threads about this before, but they always seem to get derailed by off topic discussion, so I figure, what the heck, mine as well make another one that focuses on a few specific things. I plan on flying out of my hometown in the next couple...
  3. M

    My high flying adventure with TSA

    So after not traveling via air for the past 5 years, I took a trip last weekend and got to encounter everyone's favorite airport mascots, The TSA. I had no issue leaving Oakland Into but on my flight home, I hit some turbulence at security. Knowing that I have rights to private screening, when...
  4. AgentRoswald

    TSA Strikes Again

    TSA Confiscates Mentally Challenged Man’s Toy « Hot Air This incident is absolutely deplorable.
  5. cm90210

    Diapers at the Airport

    For some reason the thought of wearing while traveling/flying is really appealing and energizing to me. I'm not sure if it is the anonymity of travel that appeals to me or the convenience of not having to use airplane bathrooms; but I just always find myself obsessed with wanting to wear while...
  6. B

    If TSA misses my diaper, do the terrorists win?

    If any of you have seen the picture of the bomb-underwear from the terrorist suspect nabbed at the Detroit Airport, you'd think the TSA should be on the lookout for bulging undies. YOU'D THINK, right? They should at least have been, er, briefed on the issue. So when it came time for me to...