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So, I understand that there have been a bunch of threads about this before, but they always seem to get derailed by off topic discussion, so I figure, what the heck, mine as well make another one that focuses on a few specific things.

I plan on flying out of my hometown in the next couple weeks, and since I have wanted to do this for years, I plan on wearing a diaper going through the TSA and on the plane. I know most people here people recommend not to, but what the heck, you only live once, and I can't imagine years from now I will look back and say thank god I did not do what I always wanted that one time because some people on adisc did not recommend it:smile1:

So, my specific question is, for those of you who have worn through TSA and were patted down/screened additionally, what was it like? Did they grill you with questions about what you were wearing, did they take you to a private screening, how long did it take, were the TSA people clearly suspicious about why you were wearing, did they make you show them your protection, etc etc?

While I appreciate people do have completely legitimate arguments for not doing this, for me I have already made up my mind and would love responses from anybody who has experience doing this and the details of what the interaction with the TSA was like, both good and bad.

Any responses you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
My advice is this: go through security dry. If your diaper is dry and you are careful not to leave anything in your pockets, you'll probably be fine. I've gone through security many times in a diaper and passed without incident. If they go through your luggage, they are looking for specific things. They won't ask you questions about what is in your suitcase unless it is a banned item. They see everything in suitcases. They don't care about diapers of any size.

If you wet your diaper, and you go through one of the more advanced screeners, you may get pulled out of line and checked, because they are concerned about liquid going through and onto planes.

Remember, if you are going to be manually screened, you have the right to request it be done in private. If you are embarrassed or nervous, and they want to check you, ask to do it privately. When you are talking to the TSA agent, explain that you wear for medical reasons. That is all they need to know, and all they care about. Honestly, they don't want to talk about your underwear any more than you do, and possibly less. :)

I've never had an issue going through dry. So, based on my experiences, I'd say you don't have a whole lot to worry about.
I've done a lot of traveling this year, with 8 flights total while diapered. Unfortunately I can't answer your question about secondary screening, as I was never pulled aside in security.

Generally I put a cheap, thin diaper on before leaving for the airport, with 2-3 premium diapers in my carry on. The cheap diaper stays dry and as such won't be picked up by the scanners. It's also not a huge loss if I do for some reason have to go through secondary and take it off or something (at which point TSA is being told that I have a weak bladder and don't trust it for the flight). Once through security, I'll head for a restroom and change into one of the premiums in my carry on (make sure you've practiced changing standing up).

Another thing to keep in mind is that you probably won't be able to change on the plane. Going into the lavatory with a bag might freak people out, and the trash cans are tiny enough a used diaper might have trouble fitting in any case.
I have traveled quite a few times over last two years. TSA will investigate a wet diaper, not necessarily a big issue, I have been through the secondary inspection, which are somewhat more invasive but the agents remained professional. I have never been asked to remove the diaper., but have been asked to pat the diaper for a few seconds and then they did a wipe sample on my hands. This added about 3 minutes to the screening. however there may be different protocols at different locations. I highly recommend forgoing diapers until you get through TSA checkpoint if you embarrass easily, or will be traveling with others that you would prefer not know you wear diapers. In addition, Frequent flyers may also want to consider paying the $85 for the TSA pre check.
I was flagged for a "pat down" while I was wearing a dry 24/7. No comment was made, although I have to think it was noticeable to the agent. I've never had them glance twice at me for wearing (somewhat) discretely.
I've gone through a couple times in a diaper. Nothing happened.
I went through security plenty of times while diapered, both in EU and US, and been patted down before while wearing thick and pretty wet diapers. No questions were asked, no comments were made. Who did the pat down most definitely noticed it but was probably more than used to seeing people flying diapered.

Changing on the plane is no problem either, I just put the spare diaper and the wipes in a small bag that I just grab from my backpack and bring to the lavatory with me. It actually makes long flights a bit less boring.

Just remember that there are no laws forbidding people to wear and use diapers, so no reason to be paranoid! As I said I've never been asked questions but, in case that happened, I'd just say that it's either diapers or leaving puddles on the plane...
One way of thinking about it is that: the more of us who regularly wear our diapers through TSA, and the more who are specially screened, the less unusual it becomes for the TSA. if it were incredibly rare and never happened, then it might seem more suspicious to them. If it happened regularly they might learn to deal with it better and with less alarms.

There may be only a few of us abdls in the world compared to vanillas - but "what is an ocean but a multitude of drops?" (To quote cloud atlas).
Shouldn't be a problem. detectors are made to pick up metal, diapers are cloth (or plastic) and absorbent polymers. I would suggest going through dry since there is the liquid policy, and if they see your pants are abnormally swollen from a wet diaper, you might be screened. If that happened, I think I would want to have on a premium diaper that is sold for incontinent use that way if they ask you can just say you have a medical issue. But remember the right to be screened in private if that happens.
I have never worn diapers through security, but I have taken them in my carry on luggage many times this year and have not had a single issue, though I did come close recently when TSA decided to do manual checks at the gate, and again at Madrid when I was randomly selected for additional screening.
I've worn 2 or 3 times while traveling through the airport. In my experience it makes no difference. I've never been pulled aside for additional screening and wearing never changed anything, it was exactly the same as when I didn't wear. I'd say don't sweat it and do what you'd normally do and you'll probably be fine. I can't specifically remember if I had to deal with the more advanced full body scanners before and whether or not I was wet when going through security but no problems ever arose for me. You probably won't be the only going through security diapered and they're really looking for things that are safety hazards.
worn all types of diapers under control panties. Never had any issues with tsa. But, have always been dry.
I havent traveled the US but in EU it is not a problem at all in my experience to go throu security diapered, just remember to put all you coins and metalic objects including the belt in the tray for the xray, and if it still beeps they usualy in europe won't do a patdown but use a metalic detecting wand to find the offending object is and then investigate or ask to remove it and pass the detector again, or sometimes they just follow indications of the detector and search in the indicated area

Diapers in your handluggage actualy dosent show up on the xray machine! when i was in greece last year i got a very good look at the xray screen and could see that there was no outline from the 3 stacked tena maxis, what you could see was my books and things packed around but no outline that matched the tenas, and of course even if they did show up i wounder if the operator would be able to identify it as diapers, it could as well be a folded shirt or something else and it is not in a shape of something of what they are looking for either. as long as you remember to put out your laptop and to make sure you dont have any of those very dangerous plastic bottles (even worse if it happen to be filled with the dangerous substance Dihydrogen monoxide) they wont search it,

In my view the slight risk of a minor embarrassment is well wort the comfort of going padded on an airplane ride, so much comfier than having to use those dreadful loo's on the plane
I flew earlier this year and with my OAB I was tempted to go ahead and wear a premium diaper and just let the cards fall where they would. I decided to go with a Molicare disposable underwear since I knew that could handle most anything I needed. My airport doesn't have anything but a metal detector. I went thru, forgot my belt and beeped. I said oops belt. We fixed that and I went thru again and got a different beep. The agent said well it's not your lucky day. I was randomly selected for more screening. He asked if I wanted a private screening so again I thought to heck with it and said no. I got patted down pretty good but he avoided my crotch just enough that I don't think he noticed it.
I have worn diapers through TSA since becoming inco many times. The only thing they bag checked me for was a tube of Aquafor I forgot in my change bag. Once they called out my bag on the way over to the table I let them know I was inco. The man was very professional, apologized to me for my condition, and did not remove anything from my bag. He found the tube and confirmed it was under three ounces and sent me on my way. The only things in my change bag when flying are 2 spare diapers, wipes, ziplock bags, and my laptop which I remove for screening. My backpack has 2 zippered sections. One at the very back I put the two diapers in, and the normal big zippered part where my laptop, ziplock bags, and wipes are. I have been patted down before and they were proffesional when an eyebrow was raised regaurding my diaper. I calmly just said I'm inco and that is my diaper. I most likely turned a few shades of red, but they don't make a big deal of a dry diaper. Going through soaked maybe a different story.

While I was doing a period of 24/7ing once, I had a diaper on while I was packing on the way to the airport and simply told myself I was going to go to the bathroom and pull it off before going through security. The normal stuff applies; I didn't, in particular, want to have to deal with getting stopped or talking to the TSA or whatnot. Turns out, though, I ended up running late because I forgot about the whole international-flight, be-there-earlier thing, so at one point I was running from my car to the terminal just to make the checked-baggage time frame. Not thinking after making that and getting my ticket, I got in line, and it hit me halfway to the front: "Oh crap; I'm still wearing a diaper." What's worse, is the line I was in was doing the e-strip-search scanner machine. I was extremely nervous about the whole thing, and I considered getting out of line, but I figured that'd be even more suspicious and subject me to "random additional screening," so I just went with it. The only thing that actually happened was that they wanted to swab my hands, which, in retrospect, was likely because I had used zinc oxide cream (i.e., diaper rash cream) earlier that day. Zinc oxide would be fairly radio-opaque and would thus be something "interesting" on the scanner. And... that was it. They didn't even pat me down. I'm guessing people wearing diapers--or, at least, people wearing diapers who have diaper cream on their hands--is likely so routine that it doesn't even cause a blip on the radar. Now, granted, I'm young and white, which ideally shouldn't be a variable here, but it totally possibly was. :p

Anyway, since then, I still try to avoid wearing them through security, but I'm now fairly confident that nobody actually cares. Come to think of it, it's the exact same epiphany as when I had first bought them at a store: nervous that someone cares, but then you realize nobody cares, and, in retrospect, it makes perfect sense that nobody cares, so you stop caring, too.
I have worn the printed diapers from either Bambino or Snuggies each time I have flown and never had a problem. I have a back pack or other carry one with extra diapers in it to take with. They have looked at the diapers but never said a thing.
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