tagging system

  1. kerry

    You can use TAGS now

    Moo is test-driving the use of tags in posts. As you create new threads, you will find an option at the bottom to add tags, which will appear near the thread's title as they do here. Several people have requested this, but if it is not used then Moo will certainly consider the experiment a...
  2. Moo


    Hey everyone. I'm doing a test-run of enabling tagging on the forum. Here's how it works: All members can add already-existing tags to their own thread ECs+ can add tags to any thread. Staff (all staff, not just moderators) can edit tags on any thread. To add tags to a thread, or see existing...
  3. betagame

    i dont see people tagging threads

    i hame been reading a lot of threads NO TAGS doesnt that defeat the purpous of having tags there should be a requirement of a minumum of 3 tags For example i tag threads ALL THE TIME (see below)