1. babyboy061997

    Stuffer absorbency

    I was wondering which is a better stuffer for absorbency, the goodnites trufit or tena overnight pads, and is there any difference in absorbency between the small and the large trufit pads
  2. camperspampers1

    Hunting in Diapers

    Disclaimer: No animals were harmed during this experiment. I hunt to provide meat for my family, abiding by local by-laws and practicing humane harvest techniques. For a while now I had been wondering what it would be like to wear a diaper while hunting. Being alone in the woods provides an...
  3. P

    For those of us who use depends or similar products...

    I know that with many store brand overnight diapers with tapes, like Depends or Certainty, they can work well, but they have a very low capacity. I have resorted to using cheap store brand adult overnight pull-ups as stuffers for them. This has actually worked fairly well, does anybody else do...
  4. xtrabulk

    Anyone had bruising from diapers?

    So, yesterday I noticed bruising on my inner thighs. Thought it may be diaper related, so I diapered up the same way last night. At first, I was confused, because the bruises were nowhere near any point of contact with the diaper. Then I wet twice, and my padding--a Dry 24/7 stuffed with a...
  5. B

    this might be a pretty dumb question but...

    ok I'm new to the ab/dl world and as i'm looking to threads and messages I hear a lot of members talking about stuffers, what's a stuffer?