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Disclaimer: No animals were harmed during this experiment. I hunt to provide meat for my family, abiding by local by-laws and practicing humane harvest techniques.

For a while now I had been wondering what it would be like to wear a diaper while hunting. Being alone in the woods provides an opportunity to wear diapers outdoors while doing other activities. Recently, I experimented with wearing diapers while deer hunting.

For this experiment, I wore a Tena Super brief with a Huggies little movers stuffer. The stuffer was slit down the back to allow for moisture exchange between it and the Tena. I went with a cloth-backed diaper because I did not want my diaper to rustle in case I ran into wild game or other people. Also, though the Tena's are widely available and relatively inexpensive, they are very comfortable and absorbent. The refastenable tabs were also a big part of why I chose that diaper.

I changed into the Tena when I got to my hunting area. Originally, I had taken two Tenas with me, but a tab ripped off the first, leaving me only one diaper for the day. With the Huggies stuffer inserted and all other hunting-related equipment ready to go, I started my trek into the woods.

This hunting trip was largely exploratory since I had not been to most of the places I visited that day. As such, I spent half the day walking, putting on 11.5 km (7 mi). The Tena was comfortable while walking, and did not loosen. However, I was wearing my normal underwear (briefs) over the Tena, so that may have kept it in place better than if I had worn the diaper alone.

I spent the first four hours slowly walking toward then end of my proposed route, with small breaks and hikes into the woods. I saw two deer during this time, though neither presented a clean shot before slipping back into the woods. Being alone that day, I did not track the deer far into the woods since I would somehow need to get them out if I did get one. I did not hear my Tena rustle, and I did get within 30 yards of one deer, though at that point the brush was so thick I could only see its legs. I was dry during this time period, so urine smell was not a variable in my success/failure.

After working hard to get uphill to the end of my hike, I wet for the first time. It was a hot day, and I realized I was dehydrated. I spent the next hour resting and rehydrating from the large water container I had brought. This also helped me fill the diaper and stuffer. Wearing a diaper does make sitting on the ground or fallen logs/stumps much more comfortable, and even more comfortable as the diaper became wet. However, walking became more uncomfortable, and the insides of my thighs felt a little sore the day after. On the whole, I walked 5km dry and 6.5 km in varying stages of wetness.

After resting, I slowly started working my way back downhill and back toward my truck, making stops in areas I thought I was likely to see deer. Here is where serendipity kicked in. I had had spicy food the day before, and it was not agreeing with me. While resting in one spot and wetting, I had a small amount of "wet gas." If I had not been wearing a diaper, it would have left a brown streak in the back of my jeans for sure. Even more lucky, the small mess hit my Huggies stuffer completely, so I did not have to end my diaper day. I removed the stuffer, wiped myself with the clean part of it, and bagged it in one of the bags I had brought for diaper changes. With the wet stuffer removed, walking was also much easier. The stuffer had also taken the brunt of the moisture I had deposited, so it left me with a slightly damp Tena to wear for the rest of the day.

Aside from the two deer I saw in the morning, I did not see any other large game. However, that is typical in my experience for that area as my friends and I have the most success before noon and around dusk. I did, however, run into several people, and none knew I was wearing protection. The Tena was so comfortable that unless it was time to pee, I hardly thought about it, especially after the stuffer was removed and walking became more normal. By the time I returned to the truck, the Tena was probably 3/4 utilized, and moisture would pool for a bit before being absorbed. However, it had not leaked. Having parked with my passenger door toward a hillside and no one parked behind the truck, I opened the door, whipped down my pants, removed and bagged the Tena, and pulled up my underwear. Later, I disposed of the soiled stuffer/diaper in a bin in a nearby picnic area along with the garbage from my supper.

As an overall experience, I'd give it 4/5 stars. It would have been better if I had not wrecked the first diaper, preventing a diaper change. With the stuffer, however, I was able to go ten hours without leaking (07:30 - 17:30). If you were to walk less and wait for game to come to you (like in a blind), the experience would likely be amazing. However, whether the smell of urine impeded my success remains unclear. Now that I have explored that area, the next time I go out I will sit back and watch the deer come to me, while enjoying a nice wet diaper.
That sounds like a great time! I have always wanted to go camping and hiking diapered. It is finally starting to cool off a little here so I may make that a reality soon. :)
I been wanting to do some outdoor activities in the cooler months for a couple of years now too. Glad you got a chance to give it a go. Sounds like it would definitely be a fun experience! (Now to just get some time off of work) Would be extremely fun going with a group of diaper friendly friends too I'm sure.
I have tried this but found it gave me bad chafing. Not good when I spend most of my time in the boush for my work climbing step hills. We are also very lucky we can hunt dear ,pigs ,gots all year round and know bag limits and for free
I often wondered if peeing in the woods would spook a deer and by wearing a diaper it would mask your scent better.
Whereabouts did you go hunting? Just got my hunting liscence and thought this was a great post.

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It would be awesome to have a dl hunting partner
I have been wearing a diaper while hunting for the past 5 years.

I deer hunt from stands, so sitting all day causes me to have to pee often. Since I don't want to climb down and move away from my stand each time the diaper solves that problem. I pee more and more often in the mornings so I usually wear a thicker diaper for those hunts. In the evening I don't pee as much and can usually get by with a depends.

I also duck hunt a lot. I have to wear waders for that and hunt in a pit out in the middle of a flooded harvested crop field. The waders have to be rolled down while standing knee deep in water if you want to pee. Usually I am hunting with someone and so that makes it difficult to have privacy to pee. Add to that my frequency of peeing in the morning and most duck hunts are in the morning. Diapers solve a lot of problems there.
I dont hunt but do camp and hike. Wearing a diaper while out in the woods is an amazing feeling. Its also nice while hiking so you dont have to 'find a tree' and hope no one sees you. Just always pack your used diapers back out.
i have always wanted to wear while hunting but changing would be a challenge out in the woods.
I try to wear one thick enough to last me until lunch. I usually go at least to my truck for lunch and can change there. Although I have changed up on my ladder stand before.
I have tried wearing while hunting and after awhile it was very uncomfortable. Yet it was a cold winter day and it was snowing. In short I would probably not do it again.
Camperspampers were these Huggies the ones with the double grip strips. If they were did the double grip strips help in any way of keeping the Huggies secured in the adult diaper
pamperluvs said:
Camperspampers were these Huggies the ones with the double grip strips. If they were did the double grip strips help in any way of keeping the Huggies secured in the adult diaper

NO idea what you are talking about?
Just look up double grip strips and huggies little movers and you will know what I am talking about. As I asked Camperspampers1 did the double grip strips help keep baby diaper secured in the adult diaper.
Very cool! While I haven't had the chance to do it this year, because of the hunting crew I've been stuck with--I have been deer hunting with diapers in both a blind and a tree strand in past years.

This year I've only been deer hunting with muzzleloaders thus far, but I am hoping to possibly go out turkey hunting with a diaper, or at least a Goodnite possibly.

Frankly I hated it in the tree stand, as I hunt in a very humid/sticky forest. But it wasn't too bad in the blind, which is more on the edge of a field.
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