new diaper

  1. RearzJacob

    New Mermaid Tales - 7000ml capacity diapers from Rearz Inc.

    Introducing our newest addition to the Rearz disposable diaper catalog the Mermaid Tales All-Night Diapers! With a 7,000ml capacity, these diapers are designed to last all night long. Available in 3 sizes currently Medium, Large and XL, note the large is our new improved size large. Mediums...
  2. RearzJacob

    Introducing the NEW Princess Pink Overnight Diapers from Rearz Inc.!

    We are so happy to finally be able to show you the new and improved Princess Pink! For those curious about how they look, you can check out our short video showcase on them here - What to expect from the new Princess Pink Overnight Adult Diapers? Cute, comfy, highly absorbent, and most...
  3. Demonbabywearspamps

    New Tykables diaper?

    Is anyone going to try or already bought and tried Tykables new little builders diapers? I'm thinking about buying some in XL.
  4. Mariofan64

    New diaper brand!

    Soooo, apparently these are only in China at the moment and they’re available in varying thickness and in Cloth or plastic. The brand is called “neva”. Just thought I’d share this info..
  5. Travis9800

    Does anyone else wish Diapers could cover even MORE of you?!

    This is going to sound weird so brace your selves! I think its safe to assume that every one here loves diapers, being diapered, the feeling of how it encapsulates the crotch & how comfortable it feels! But what if I told you that there's a new design of diaper that is shaped like.. lets say...
  6. D

    Staying Dry

    I'm sure this has been asked a billion times but couldn't find anything on it. I enjoy being in a wet nappy, but there comes a time that one needs to change into a nice clean fresh nappy. What i want to know is after changing into a new nappy how long before its wet again? I changed about 15...
  7. xtrabulk

    Inspire Diaper? Haven't heard of these, and couldn't find any other posts on them. New diaper from Rearz?
  8. L

    Hello from London

    Hello, I'm a 22 year old female from London. I always thought I was crazy for wanting to wear diapers - I felt like there was something wrong with me. I'm glad I've found this site and realised that there isnt! I do have an over active bladder, and so car journeys and journeys in general always...
  9. T

    bambino new diaper ripping in the back!!!

    So ive been using these for the past few weeks now and have probably gone through ten or so (i use other diapers as well and also cant be dapered as much as i want) and mostly wear them when i sleep so the past week i have probably had 4 rip in the back and litteraly rip bad like a whole foot...