1. BabyMitchy

    Anyone Want to start a recorded series Minecraft server?

    Hi guys! I recently re-discovered Minecraft and the amazing aquatic update and was really wanting to do stuff with others. The premise is this: A series of videos playing minecraft goofing around, doing projects and reaching goals like ender dragon wither etc. in a new world. (survival) face...
  2. D


    I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but I'm looking for people to play Minecraft on PC and talk about diapers and just have fun. Anyone interested? Let me know! Thanks!
  3. BabyMitchy

    Gameland Episode 1 Minecraft

    https://youtu.be/tQC9d3deFC4 Maybe some day I'll have the money and space for proper equipment. Trust me, I simply don't have the funds or space to do better than this right now.
  4. Tylexon


    Hey all, I was sure I saw a minecraft server here one time... has it disappeared ?! or was I just seeing things :sweatdrop:
  5. lilkayden

    Join my minecraft server :)

    So as I have promised for a couple of months now on the adisc minecraft group page, I'm bringing minecraft back to Adisc! Repost from the group page as I know not everyone knows about the group. "As we ring in the new year I felt tonight was the night to open its doors and let Adisc in :)...
  6. JoeyFrancis

    Minecraft Multiplayer

    Does anyone know if there is a playable AB/DL community server for Minecraft (PC)? I've been dying to play with others lately. =(
  7. Mukksa


    I've been playing minecraft for a couple of weeks now and I'm wondering if there is an ADISC minecraft server. It seems like it would be really fun playing with other dls and whatnot :) Is there an ADISC server?
  8. Mukksa

    Game games games!

    Hey guys Mukksa here and I wanna know what games you guys play if any. I play Xbox really often my gamertag is Skizzeled if you want to add me okay but only invite me to something when you see Skizzeled playing any call of duty game because my brother and I share LIVE. I also play maplestory my...
  9. Rocky

    Suggestion ADISCMinecraft Server Page easier to get to

    So, I know that the ADISC minecraft server JUST started, and I like the official page for it, but I have trouble finding it without going to the thread announcing the server's start. Would it be possible to put a link to it under "Community" on the top menu? Also I think if it is going to...
  10. Wheatley

    ADISC + Minecraft?

    Do we have a Minecraft server here? I'd love to join up.
  11. Claw

    *SQUEEEEEE* Free minecraft weekend

    So, heres the deal minecraft made so many sales, that it done exploded notches website, and his retail verificiation system. And in the spirit of giving, instead of closeing minecraft down, it is now free for all, untill monday (or however long it takes to solve this problem) Just head down...