1. G

    Just a Quick Hello

    Hi All, Just popping in to say hi - Like many, I'm a long time lerker and I thought it was time to actually create an account. I leed an insanely busy life, so you probabily won't see me very often, however I would like to get involved when I have the time. Currently I live in London, and...
  2. Cthulhu

    My diapered week in london

    Remember that trip to London i posted about (With the other account i made called ''Luxuria''. Ceating that account was a mistake, i won't use it again and didn't mean to use more than one account) ? Well, i made it. I made it to the hotel in London (from Sweden) with a weeks supply of diapers...
  3. I

    So, the diaper adventure of a lifetime is happening...

    ...if i can get a suitcase full of diapers etc to London, without my parents noticing. I have been on this forum for almost two years, but i hated my username so i made a new account. In a couple of weeks, I'm going by myself to London for a week. I plan to wear diapers from the moment I've...
  4. B

    New London ABDL. 32, gay, friendly :)

    Hey guys, New to this forum and thought I'd say hi. It would be cool to chat with guys who are into the same as me, particularly if you're in the London area. Otherwise, open to making AB/DL friends from all lover :) J

    Hi London AB/DL's

    hey I'm a dl from london looking to chat to new people [Removed]
  6. RouteLeader

    UK: Nappies in London or Brighton

    Hey there- pretty blunt question here. Where is the best place to buy decent adult nappies in London (or Brighton)? I am aware that John Bell & Croydon on Wigmore Street, London has a great selection of Tena nappies, but are they any other pharmacy's or similar that sell other good brands of...
  7. W

    White onesie/bodystocking/support garment

    Hi all, I need a white onesie that I can wear under my clothes to work (so that it'd look like an undershirt if it were visible through my shirt). I had an abena bodystocking, but found the positioning of the snaps rubbed my legs raw. I have a onesie with the snaps higher on the front rather...
  8. squashNstretch

    Hi from South London

    Hey all! My gf and I are a low-key AB couple living in Clapham. She doesn't really 'do' diaper sites, so I'm popping in here and saying hi from the both of us. Woooo! sNs
  9. T

    My First Anime Convention - in London

    Hello, everybody! I meant to get this posted earlier, but I kept getting sidetracked with other things. Anyway, here goes: I went to an anime convention in London last Saturday; it was the first one that I have ever been to. To put it mildly, I was astounded when I got there; there were people...