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New London ABDL. 32, gay, friendly :)

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Hey guys,

New to this forum and thought I'd say hi. It would be cool to chat with guys who are into the same as me, particularly if you're in the London area.

Otherwise, open to making AB/DL friends from all lover :)

Hey there, welcome to ADISC!

Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself so we can get to know you? I know that we've got plenty members around the London area (although I live in the superior part of the UK - Scotland! :P)
Sure. I've been in London about ten years and am originally from Ireland.

Only started buying and wearing this year after years of being interested! Probably more DL but definitely up for exploring my little side.

Would be cool to hear about others experience in this area.
Welcome! We already have some things in common! DL, some little side and also gay :P
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