1. L

    Hi everyone

    Hi my name is Solvena but you can call me Sage or Lilly I am a babyfur and have 2 fursonas one of which is a little the other is a close represantation of me my main fursona Solvena who is a Valkyrie Kitsune my second is a lion cub I am female by birth but tend to float in the middle of male and...
  2. A

    Hello I'm new here :)

    hi I'm kitsunekata (but you can call me kits for short). I'm just an average college student ;) I guess my reasons for coming here are a bit complex, but I'm really just your average babyfur/diaperfur. I've been on other sites before but the reason I came here was because, even with other ABDLs...
  3. RikaRenamon

    Ello I'm a kitsune

    Hello thought I'd sit here andsee if I can start meeting people here. I am a kitsune furr very playful kinda a trickster. and if I am in the mood I may pull a small prank nothing to big just maybe try to confuse you a little was looking to make some furry friends and don't really want to join...