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Hi my name is Solvena but you can call me Sage or Lilly
I am a babyfur and have 2 fursonas one of which is a little the other is a close represantation of me
my main fursona Solvena who is a Valkyrie Kitsune
my second is a lion cub
I am female by birth but tend to float in the middle of male and female
I love Anime, Homestuck, Doctor who, and classic Video games such as Legend of Zelda and Pokemon .
I'm a little shy so sparking up a conversation may be slow with me but to mention the above helps i love talking about my obsessions.
My Rp age is usually in the rage of 2- 4 years old and i tend to be more of a tomboy so getting me in a dress is hard work but not impossible keeping me clean is another story!
So i guess that's it thanks for your time!
Welcome littlekitsune! That was a great introduction! Although I'm not a fan of some of the things that interest you, there are many, many gere who are! Get ready to engage in a lot of conversations! I see you're already making posts, so keep up the good work!
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