halloween costume

  1. Dolphin

    Anyone going Trick or Treating tonight to celebrate Halloween?

    Hi all, I was wondering who was going Trick or Treating tonight, and if so, what costume you would be dressing up with. I have an awesome PAW Patrol costume (Marshall), but I'm still trying to work up the nerve of going out being an adult (earlies 20's). Any thoughts or tips from those who...
  2. crinklecoon

    Halloween Costumes

    What are some good costumes that will hide a M4? And not a baby costume.
  3. PrinceMatthew

    Halloween for TB's/AB's

    I have been wanting to dress up as a baby for halloween for a very long time, but I can never pull it off in time. This year is no different, I at one point had a very nice babyish zip up footy sleeper that my dad ended up getting a hold of or maybe my mom when I wasn't looking and threw it...