girlfriend storys

  1. Kingllama

    Told my girlfriend about loving diapers

    So I finially told my girlfriend lastnight about me loving diapers, we sat up all night till around 4am discussing it etc and she took it brilliantly, offered to join in with me, offered to diaper me and change me, let me diaper her and change. Tonight is the first time il be wearing around her...
  2. J

    He showed me

    So the other night I was staying at my significant other's house and we were talking about various sexual things. We took the mojo upgrade quiz to get a basis for what we both want (I highly recommend it for anyone either new to a sexual relationship or in a rut.) Then we were just talking about...
  3. D

    Girlfriend of DL Help

    Hi all! I found out a month ago that my boyfriend was a DL. I love him a lot and he's such a great guy. I joined this community to better understand and talk with people in relationships with this. I've had a really difficult time coming to terms with this and as much as I try to accept it I...
  4. N

    non abdl girlfriend needing help coming to terms with abdl boyfriend

    Hi Everyone, I really could use some help. I have been dating my abdl boyfriend for over a year now, and have known about this part of his life for around 9 months... It's difficult to understand why I need help coming to terms with this part of his life now, even though i've known for a while...