1. S


    I'm new to this. When in bed should I be satisfied sucking on an adult pacifier or...a bottle with formula in it?? if so should I suck it every night??
  2. C

    More baby stuff

    I'm trying to get some more baby stuff but i ran out of ideas of stuff to get. As of now I have plenty of diapers, a bottle, formula, pacifiers, and the diapering essentials such as wipes and powder. I was wanting to get more, perhaps an abdl onesie. I've seen that amazon sells abdl onesies but...
  3. Shyanne

    Good tasting formula?

    Um so I know that it's not healthy to drink formula alot, I don't plan to. However I would enjoy getting some for rare occasions. But I've only tried two so far, Enfamil Infant and Soy and both were terrible, tasted like warm mashed potatoes.. v.v Are there any brands that actually taste good?
  4. C

    Considering getting onesies

    So I was considering buying some onesies to wear but I don't know where to start I want something babyish that fits well but I don't know who carries what so that's a problem. Another problem would be that I live with my father and he doesn't know that i'm an ABDL. Another thing to add is...
  5. Kid

    Meal Replacement from a Bottle

    I have recently (past few months) been falling in trap of getting too busy to stop for breakfast so I had started doing meal replacements. My wife got me some all organic all natural powder (costly as hack). So it got me thinking a few weeks back how does adult meal replacement really differ...
  6. babymace

    New Adult Baby Formula

    Finally a instant formula designed for adult babies tastes!!!!!!:eek: I'm going to buy a whole case.:D