1. DLinSecret

    Diaper Covers, The Best and The Worst

    My go to diaper cover I get off of Amazon is Haian Plastic Pull Ons transparent blue, white, or clear. We are in the process of moving and I packed up all my pants with the exception of two blue ones which I use primarily at night. Well living in an Airbnb for two months while we wait for our...
  2. Score1pio

    PLEA Brand Japanese plastic diaper cover - how to purchase

    Does anyone know how one can purchase the Plea brand of Japanese diaper cover. See this link for reference. The entire site if obviously in Japanese. If someone knows how to go about buying this brand and have it shipped to the U.S.A. please let me know. I...
  3. W

    Leg guards and diaper covers

    Can I buy something like a pair of latex shorts and use them as a diaper cover? Or do covers need leg guards in order to do their job well?
  4. M

    New to the forum, wanted to show you guys what I'm working on!

    Hi everyone! like the username suggests, I'm a mommy. I try to be as supportive as I can be to my baby (he introduced me to this whole wonderful world) but I haven't really been able to put my sewing skills to use until just now (we've just recently moved out and in together! Hooray!!). Anyway...
  5. RoamingHermit

    I Thought I'd Share Something I Found

    I was perusing the internet and came across this video. The song was originally for the video game The Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM. It is an amazing cover by two talented artists! Let me know what you think (P.S. The second half of it is in what's called "Dovah", the language that the dragons speak...
  6. D

    Trying to find the right mattress cover

    Has any of you purchased anything from I was looking online for bed protection, and I found a good website I think, but there are so many different products there. I've tried twice to send them an email, but they are too "lazy" to answer ;) Does anyone knows the difference...
  7. Coyote_Howl

    Favorite cover song?

    Since the old cover song thread died awhile ago, lets begin anew? Thus, as the title says, what is your favorite (or for those who can't decide, top 3 or something) cover song? I will add as well a related but separate question: What makes a good cover song in your opinion? As for mine, I'm...
  8. harris

    Design a Diaper

    Someone posted a short blurb in another thread about what they would change on a diaper. I thought it would be a fun exercise to imagine what the ideal diaper would be. Of course, this is going to vary from person to person and maybe even situation to situation. Here are a few things to...