Heavy duty lockable diaper cover.


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Thinking of buying these and was wondering if anyone has got any experience with this product and how effective it might be?

Heavy duty lockable diaper cover

Would love to buy something like this so I can give my wife full control.

are ther any good reliable alternatives?

Thank you.
Link don't work
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download.jpegthis is it.
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Looks like fun.😁🤪
I bought some from the etsy store. They're expensive, but seem really tough. I don't think I could get them off without the unlocker or just destroying them with knives or something. I've tried just pulling them down, it doesn't work.

I don't use them often because I'm on my own here and just need to pretend. Plus they're kind of uncomfortable, the straps need to go on tight to work and there are all these metal loops.

Getting the right size is difficult as well. I've bought two so far - medium and large. Both fit, but I think I need an even larger size in order to comfortably wear thick diapers under them.
Thanks for the info,

Comfort is important as it would be used 24/7 for 3 days at a time and longer during holidays.

Like the security aspect though.
I wouldn't recommend these under those circumstances.
I haven't tried locking plastic pants, but I think they would be more comfortable and you shouldn't be able to pull them off.

The best way to do this IMO would be with a locking bodysuit or locking footy pajamas.
All of these come with a locking zipper:

Those are a maybe too heavy to wear as underwear and you can only get them with baby prints. If anyone knows of a company that sells more lightweight locking bodysuits, I'd like to know.
Thank you for your advice. I am now 4 days in and to be honest dont think I need locking up.

I am loving this so much but I just wish I pee laying down lol.