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    Default So my dummy was found

    The other weekend I decided to get myself a dummy to try.
    I have been reading about regression and thought I would try it out.
    I have managed to hide my dummy between my bed and the wall. Then have tried it when my wife has fallen asleep no problem.

    Then on Thursday our lady that comes and cleans our house was arriving so I take my dummy and put it in my sock draw of all places. Stupid!!!!!!!!!

    It ended up my daughter went through my sock draw to find some of her socks and found my dummy. She asks my wife as I'm not home at this stage why I have a dummy. My wife just shrugges it off. (Remember, wife doesn't know I have a dummy).

    She then send me a message about this, I start to panic and try think of ways to explain this. I ended up telling her that I have had it for a long time and tried it when I was still discovering myself as a DL. She accepted that reasoning. Thank goodness.
    I told her I would throw it away. I haven't as yet.
    Yesterday i had a chance to have an afternoon nap whilst my wife and kids were out.
    I actually fell asleep with it in my mouth. However I'm still trying to workout what the appeal to sucking a dummy is.
    Maybe you could give me some insight.

    But what a close call. In fact I panicked more about this than telling my wife I am a DL.

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    Well you have a choice.
    I would encourage you to tell your family that you stated to enjoy regression and sucking and wearing give you a good felling and stress relief. Your family will understand better that finding you ABDL stuff.

    Hopefully you will have a deeper relationships with your wife. A caregiver that is willing to change you! builds* a bond between a Little and there caregiver as it is a special gift.

    Or you get read of it all.

    This lifestyle is not for everyone.

    Well hope that helps you.


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    I know some people who use pacifiers for teeth grinding issues.

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    If your wife is ok and accepting of your DL side, I don't think it is a far stretch to say that not much harm will likely come from being honest with her about this. Of course you are the best to know what the circumstances are and choose the best course, but based on the amount you have said, I'd say just be honest with her. Say you panicked, the dummy has actually been a recent thing, and some reason you have been feeling an unexpected appeal towards sucking on a dummy. Your not sure what it is, it could be related to some AB feelings, or it could just be that it is something that makes you feel comfortable, just like diapers, but you sill look at yourself as an adult. Liking dummy's isn't that different from liking diapers and still identifying as a DL and not AB. If she is accepting of the one, then she could be accepting of the other, if not at least tolerant of your experiment.

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    I teeth grind, so I tell people I use it for that and also stress relief, in fact my housemates love my paci now because when I am having a diva fit/meltdown, it calms me down.. when I am stressing out I have a really bad temper and it can be quite hard to control, I don't mean to but apparently I have a strong personality, so they find it helpful to calm me down..

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    I agree with Tyger if your wife has been accepting of you being a DL then I would imagine she would be ok with you using a dummy. Be honest with her about it and see what she says. If she's happy with you wearing then I would imagine she would be happy with you using a dummy now and again. Honesty is always the best policy if possible.

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