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Thread: Any other ABDL dating sites?

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    Default Any other ABDL dating sites?

    Hey everyone,
    So I'm assuming this certain discussion already has been discussed previous times, but I'm here to seek advice or something from someone who understands ABDL.

    So I'm not really much of a AB but have been curious of what's it's like to dress like a baby, act like a baby, & mostly be treated like a baby. Yes their are some sites for ABDL....there's one site I tried called ABDL.match & immediately right after info on my profile was put in on my account, their were some ABDL people that were interesting, even a couple or a few live in the same state as me (but in different cities perhaps).

    Right after I sent some friend requests & sent a couple of messages to a couple of people, then when I waited for a couple of hours the website kept saying "Access Denied", not sure what happened but some people say that it's a scam website & not legit or something. Their are some dl websites I checked out like, but I'm not sure websites like that.....& the reason for being unsure is because there's people that make fun of ABDL (even on YouTube).

    Now as for looking for a ABDL website to meet someone (both online & in person) I'm not sure how to properly introduce/represent myself to someone who would be a ABDL, DL, Mommy, Daddy, or caregiver, but finding a free loving/trusting caregiver is most definitely hard & rare to find (mainly because some people say you might have to pay the caregiver). Plus it's probably easier for a female to have a caregiver than it would be for a male (unless if your cute like MiniMax Kiddo, he does get comments saying he's super cute all the time).

    So I did some research on finding someone when being a ABDL & one of the things I found is to try & talk about different subjects other than diapers, & not take a selfie of yourself in a diaper (whether you reveal your face or not), & I honestly don't know how to find a ABDL &/or caregiver if your not supposed to bring those subjects up all the time. I'm not really much of a AB but I might slowly become one since I wear an adult sized jammies with a zipper, plus I wanna know what it's like to be changed, diapered, tickled, hugged, fed, etc. But like other people said it's probably hard to find a free caregiver & develop a special everyday bond, but that doesn't mean other ABDL' S haven't gotten any luck.

    Anywho if anyone knows any good sites to use &/or any tips, please let me know.....there's one site called but I'm not sure if it's another scam site or not. I'm also not sure about omegle, or any other site because of other people's point of view of ABDL. So thanks for reading & have a good day.

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    I have heard of people using Fetlife, but I'm not sure about it if it involves around haters or not.

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    I'm on FetLife the best thing is go to some Munch's.
    Then you can meet others in a safe place.
    Now some may be into things your not into.
    But some are very nice person's.
    Most little partys are on FetLife.
    If you not into some stuff just walk away.
    But there is a group for your likes.
    It takes a learning curve to navigate.
    But you can get the hang of things.
    Some are into kinky stuff .
    But some group are non sexual little group's.
    Just don't post I want a mommy it's a real turn off,
    For most .

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    I have used, and do not believe the web site to be a scam. I've talked to a few people and have met one in person. Like most DL sites there are more guys than girls. And like any dating sites watch out for any scammers.

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