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Thread: Wearing Diapers for Bedwetting as a kid and Your Parents Telling your Friend's Parents

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    Default Wearing Diapers for Bedwetting as a kid and Your Parents Telling your Friend's Parents

    I remember wetting the bed when I was real little and this continued up until the 5th grade. My parents kept me in diapers until I was I almost 6 at night, except for going on vacations and sleep overs, which they started making me wear when they found out about pull ups with I was 5 and half years old because they probably thought they were more discrete & didn't have to change me into a diaper as it was a hassle to tape a diaper on me as I was getting older.

    My whole diaper fetish started was during a period time when I was little over 4 years old and parents decided not to make me wear them to bed at one point . Although I don't remember wearing diapers before that, but I knew I must have because I wet the bed almost every night at that time according to my parents.Then sometime after going to bed without them my dad got sick of changing the sheets because I was still wetting the bed almost every night when I was still 4 years old . I don't know why they took me out diapers in the first place, they probably didn't like the fact I was wearing diaper every night or they thought it was prolonging bed wetting, or it was too babyish, I don't know.

    I remember the situation very clearly. I wet the bed one morning and my dad became mad at me & he was like I am not going to be having to change the sheets everyday, your going to have to start wearing diapers to bed again. I'am going to buy diapers for you to wear tonight he said too, I thought he was bluffing at the time but I was paranoid that he would. Later on that day he went to the grocery story and came back with a big bag of Pampers diapers, I could remember how it looked to this day. I was scoping out the groceries right when he walked into the door hoping he didn't buy them.I see this big bag with the big long bag of diapers sticking out of a bag. This was in the 90's when diapers were all crinkling and thick as we all know. This is before I knew I had a diaper fetish, which shortly came later.

    I had two older brothers, which were 7 & 8 years older than me. We all slept in the same room on 3 different beds. We were living at this time in a apartment with 2 rooms in Florida. We slept in the big master bedroom and my parents slept in the smaller bedroom. I remember it came around to bed time and my dad had a diaper in his hand as he walked into our bedroom. My dad told my brothers to leave the room. I started to act like I didn't want to wear it to bed complaining. After whining & my dad talking to me with him starting to get frustrated. I gave in laid down on my bed and I had only my underwear on and he began to take off underwear and had laid the diaper on the bed next to me

    I was already in my underwear and as a real little kid when I was at home I would many times only wear nothing but my underwear with a shirt, I always take my pants off most of time when I would get home from somewhere,my parents would always tease me about this. I remember my dad was the one who changed my diapers most of the time according to my mom. He then slid the diaper under me, I remember him finally getting the diaper on tight while taking his time and then he checked if the leg cuffs on my diaper were tight & secure underneath & around my legs. I also remember he took my underwear off obviously although he didn't put underwear over my diaper or put shorts or pajamas on me. So I was just wearing a T-shirt and diaper for the little time before going to bed. It was kinda embarrassing at first but no one seemed to care it's not like they hadn't seen me wearing diapers before and I was still real little at the time.

    That night I wet the bed , When I woke up I was like I didn't wet than I realized the diaper is pretty squishy and bulkier between my legs moving around a little in my bed. This was the first time I could remember wearing a diaper to bed and waking up wet in one. I was kinda happy I wasn't wet but I got up and told my dad who was already awake, I remember my mom not being there, she must of been there as it was not too early morning, probably like 8:30 9:00 because my mom wasn't there but must of been Saturday because my dad was home. I remember getting out of bed and feeling this wet diaper waddling under my legs crinkling & moving making crinkle as I walk to tell him what happened. I remember how heavy it felt as it was first thing i noticed getting out of bed standing up. I must of have really soaked it, but It didn't leak as far as I knew.

    I then walked into the kitchen and I don't remember what he said or what I said, but he probably noticed I had a wet diaper or it was obvious that I was going to be waking up in wet diaper . Then I remember him walking me to bathroom and then he went to get a plastic bag. He then walked back into the bathroom & shut the door untapped my wet diaper hanging down from my waist & put it in the bag. Then he turned the bath water on and I took a bath.

    He put me in diapers every night until they stopped a little over a year later but he stopped making me wear diapers at home only, I am sure my mom helped to but for some reason I don't remember her ever putting me in a diaper or changing me, it was always my dad it seemed that I could remember. I think I remember this so much in detail as for many people they remember things that were a big deal for them in past easier to stick in their brains. Not wanting wear diapers & this making me have a diaper fetish is the reason I believe these stories stick clearly in my mind to this day as I can remember things more clear after the age 4 even though I remember a few things at the age of 2 but diapers weren't one of them unfortunately.

    I remember after that night and morning of wetting my diaper, I started to like the feel of diapers. I could remember getting excited in my diaper and humping my bed in a wet diaper masturbating when I would wake up in the morning. The weird thing is that I didn't even know what I was doing and for some reason it never taught me to masturbate after doing this a few times . I never realized what masturbation was until I was 15 as I began doing it to porn. I know i was little late here lol but it's good thing if you think about it with all the early sexualization exposure to young on through Tv & internet these days lol .

    Then when I was almost 6 my parents took me out of diapers at night before I started kindergarten except wearing pullups at people's houses. I remember after that I would love to see diaper commercials on T.V and when I would walk past the diaper isle and get a stiffly. I would keep walking down the diaper isle quite a bit. I know many can relate to this who diaper isle thing.There was this other time when they were going on vacation to Michigan I was 5 and 1/2 years old and were leaving and my dad stopped at the store. he was like we need to get diapers I don't want u peeing on anyone's bed or hotel's bed's while were on vacation.

    We walk to diaper isle and he was looked at the plastic backed baby diapers & I was embarrassed because I didn't want to be around my cousins which were round my age to see me in diapers as I would see them on the trip at my grandmas house for a few days and I was too embarrassed for him to change me into them like baby and I worried about the crinkling noise exposing me I was wearing a diaper. He was about to buy the baby diapers and I told him I would rather have pull ups pointing to them. He actually thought it was a good idea and bought them and then after I remember being embarrassed about going to checkout line with him buying the pull ups.I remember I would go into the hotel bathroom and my dad would hold the pull ups as i slide my legs into them then he pulled them up and giving me my pajamas to put on.

    I remember during the trip those pull ups being a life safer and no one found out beside my grandma which made sure I wore them the few nights I was at her house while my parents were out having fun at night when I was going to bed, which I was embarrassed about. After the trip I remember my parents saving those left over pull-ups for me If I had ever had to sleep over somewhere,which I did end up using them when sleeping over at some one else house.Although I remember having to not wear diapers before at people's houses before my parents discovered pullups. There was time I spent the night at a friends house of my moms and her kids and I play together. I remember my mom telling my friends mom that I wet the bed. Luckily she didn't tell any of her kids that I did. I remember she would always say like 3 or 4 times before bed and say does any one need to go to bathroom. I was like oh know my mom told her. But friend never figured out that I wet the bed

    I would end up going to bed after trying to go to bathroom obviously kids who wet the bed know this routine trying to pee when you can't and having wait to release some pee. Well there was another time I was at a another friends house and my mom told my friends mom who was a single mom that I wet the bed over the phone when I was staying over there house. She came into my friends room and I was like your mom told me you wet the bed right in front my friend. I almost died at the time lol. Then they started talking about this together his mom kind gave me hard time about I think she was kind of acted like a jerk about it. My friend made fun of me at the time about and said he would kick my butt, if I peeded his bed. I don't know what he was talking about as the only bed he had was his and his mom's bed in the house. So I slept on the floor which I would of done anyways, to make things worst I peed the bed from drinking to much soda that night. Luckily it was on the floor but his mom didn't get that mad as they were warned ahead of time, but I will never forget that.

    I remember sleeping over at my cousins house a few times. I remember wetting the bed their twice, luckily I was on the floor or the carpet always at their house on a blanket as they didn't have an extra bed. I was about real little at the time just a little over four I think when this happened. My aunt which was my dad's brother's wife and didn't get mad at me when I wet the bed over their. I remember waking up in the middle of the night having to wake her up in her bedroom and telling her I had accident and she ended up getting up & taking me into bathroom and wiping me off with a wash cloth and giving me a new set of clothes and set up a new bed for me on another part of the floor & I went back to bed after that. This was before my parents knew about pull-ups so they didn't make me wear diapers at other house or friends house, which is isn't practical , who would want to change a 4 year old into a diaper that wasn't your own kid or at all.

    Now when I was sleeping over at my aunt's another time and I was almost 7 years old this time and I wet the bed again .This time I was wearing a buggies pull up as I said before that my parents saved from vacation. These diapers I think were getting a little small on me when I think back about it because they bought them for me when I was 5. I did use them before that at other peoples house without them knowing without having leaks but not for long this time at my aunt's house was a nightmare.I put my pull-up on before bed in the bathroom that no one knew I did. I was wearing the pull-up under my pajama pants. Then I went to bed on the floor & after trying to go to bathroom to empty my bladder, which I couldn't at the time.

    Well this time while I was sleeping I must have been sleeping on my side or something probably because I leaked big time and I think diapers weren't getting small on me and now that look back as an adult about those pull-ups. I woke up in a wet pull up wet pajamas, wet blanket, shirt and floor. I was sitting there in my wet diaper on the floor thinking what do I do, then I calmed down and I realized my aunt that she was nice about these things. I had to go into bedroom and wake her up and tell her I wet the bed. I went into bathroom this time and she stood by the bathroom door I didn't tell her I was wearing a diaper it wasn't really noticeable either because I was wearing bagging pajama pants.

    She was standing by the door and I was talking to her and she said take your clothes off. Although the last time I wet i was almost 3 years younger just a little over 4 at the time, so this time she obviously didn't treat me like a baby and take me clothes off and wipe me off.What I did when I took my clothes off when shut the bathroom door.I had to find a way to hide the wet diaper and didn't know what to do for some reason I didn't want her know I was wearing a diaper or see me in one because I was embarrassed. I had to think quick so I took a towel and folded my wet pull up in the towel and put it under the sink in the bathroom vanity. I then open the door and handed her my wet clothes through cracking the door. I then took a shower and walked out back to the room I had been sleeping as she set up a new bed for me with new blankets and cleaned up while I was in the shower. I was wearing a towel and noticed she had clothes laid out for me, I put them on and she knocked on the door and came in and said come here we have to talk.

    Me and her walked over to the bathroom and the vanity cabinet door was open and I could see the pull up in the towel under the sink with towel opened and diaper sticking out. I planned on going back to the bathroom and disposing of the diaper, when she went back to bed, but that plan failed because she had found out. She found out I think because I had waisted 2 towels that were hanging in the bathrooms as she seen 2 missing or somehow looked in the cabinet for some reason. I also think she may have heard me open the cabin through the door but who knows.There may be other reason she found out that I don't know of but somehow she found out or maybe by chance by her looking for something in the bathroom. She said so you were wearing a diaper and you were going to keep a dirty diaper under the sink.

    I said no I was going though it away later so you wouldn't find out. She said you should of told me she said. She then she said as she was trying to explain why she wasn't mad but disappointed that I would do that. I had a sad guilty looking look on my face like I was about to cry, but I didn't and then she said she wet the bed as a kid herself and I don't have thing to worry about it and I would grow out of it. She also said next time you sleep over your going to have to wear plastic pants so I won't leak because she doesn't want me to pee on my floor/carpet anymore and me having to wake her up. She then handed me a bag and I had to pick up the diaper out of the towel and put it in a bag and throw it away in the trash in front of her. She ended up telling my parents then they got a little upset with me & ended up buying me good-nites instead of pull ups and bought some plastic pants because probably they knew those diapers were for toddlers and I was growing out of them. I also think that they probably thought that I look back on it that the good-nites were labeled for overnight use also. The good news my cousins never found any time I wet over there as they slept in a different room than I did which was in the office and they never found out I wore diapers either.

    So when I was about 9 years old I go to Michigan with my aunt and uncle who were going on vacation. But my mom was going to on her own so she could help her mother out in Michigan. It was going to be a long trip traveling from Florida to Michigan & back. So my mom decided to go at the same time as my mom uncle & aunt & cousins were going on vacation to Michigan, so they could help my mom if her car broke down, which it did at one point but got fixed as it was an older car. The car I was driving with my mom in lost air conditioner when the car broke down in northern Florida. So I ended riding with them in their new mini van they had just got.

    I was pee shy as I found out when I went to Michigan for the first time I was on vacation when I was five. I remember I got so frustrated I ended up yelling at a guy that was walking into bathroom as I was leaving the bathroom for no reason lol out of frustration of not having to pee and my dad got pissed at me. I don't remember what happened and how I ended up going to bathroom at that time during the trip but it must not been easy. So Going to Michigan with my aunt uncle on this trip when I was 9 was hard because I wasn't able to go at the rest stops. I can go in gas station bathroom if it's a one room locked bathroom but my pee shy isn't that bad if I know no ones around me in the bathroom. I know this different for some people but I can go in my pants easy because no one sees that I am trying to go to bathroom.

    The main cause of being pee shy is the shame of someone seeing you peeing as people know as they see you in the bathroom and If someone is in or I think someone's going to walk in I won't be able to go. So I told my aunt and uncle I had to go to bathroom, so they stopped on the side of the road. I remember him and my mom had R.V radios to communicate with each other on the highways as my mom was following them to Michigan . So they pulled over on the side of road and I wasn't able to go when I was in that area as there was no woods or anything so everyone could see me peeing on the side of the highway. They ended up pulling over again for me to have to go pee again and it was the same thing every one could see me and I couldn't go. So this time I walked back and sat on the ground on side of the highway about 20 feet from the the van in the grass.

    I began to pee my pants as I couldn't hold it anymore. See with my problem being pee shy I can't pee in public but can very easy in a diaper as I do these days as I haven't got over my pee shy problem. So no one could see me peeing as I was sitting on the ground I ended peeing my self bad my clothes were drenched. I sat there and didn't want to get up and they beeped the horn at me in frustration. I didn't want to get up as I didn't want my cousins to see that I wet myself. They got frustrated to what I was doing wondering why the hell are you just sitting there for. My aunt came out and she noticed that I peed my pants and she was surprised. She said your not going to be able to pee and u can't hold it any longer & pee yourself like that your going to have to wear a diaper if your going to be riding in my car.She said that she didn't want me to pee in her car.

    She obviously knew I was wearing them to bed because she knew I still wore them over at her house at bed time up until that point still. She must of thought this because she knew I was traveling & knew I must had diapers with me, which were goodnites and plastic pants I wore to bed every night as I would wear on vacation or other people house that didn't have plastic sheets like my bed at home. So after she told me I had to wear a diaper, I went to my mom's car so my cousins wouldn't see me wet and to change we drove off.

    I ended up getting changed. I told my mom what my aunt told me about having to wear a diaper and she didn't agree with it at first. I told my mom that I was pee shy as she already kinda knew from last time we went on vacation and the only way I could pee is if no one knew I was peeing and that diapers what be good a thing for me, so I wouldn't have to hold it in. So she ended up agreeing and I put on a goodnite and plastic pants on under my clothes. Later on we stopped at another rest stop and I got back into my aunts van with them because I didn't want to drive all the way to Michigan in a car during summer without air conditioner in it. Luckily my aunt didn't tell any of my cousins of what happened and didn't mention that I was wearing diapers in front of them on the trip. Although she did say when I was getting in the car, did you do what I told you and I said yea. As she was referring to if I was wearing a diaper at the time. The whole trip no one found that I wet my pants or was wearing diapers and it made my life easier besides my aunt and mom.

    I remember wetting my good-nites in her car & at rest stops back in forth from Michigan and Florida and changing out of them at rest stops it made my life whole lot easier. I surprised no one found out. I had bag and I would sneak a goodnights out of the bag when every left the car and would bring into the bathroom under my clothes to change out of it in the bathroom. I remember there was other times where I wore diapers at places going out where I know I wouldn't be able to pee and my parents still let me and as I got older and still do till this day. I finally grew out of good-nites when I was like 11 and I didn't stop wetting the bed till 6th grade as I turned 12 in 6th grade.So I stopped wearing diapers at people house at night luckily after good-nites stop fitting me although I never peed the bed at a friend's house when I still wet the bed.

    When I was about 12 and I entered the 6th grade and my dad got a job traveling around the country and during the summers my mom would fly to like 2 or 3 different places around the country with my dad & mom. That traveling job only lasted 3 years for my dad. I remember since good-nites didn't fit as good I had to tell my parents to buy me adult diapers because I would usually wear good-nites to places where I knew the bathrooms were going to be packed like big public events but I was growing out of the good-nites. My parents understood of me being pee shy and let me wear diapers for
    3 years before this so I could have a place to pee If I couldn't find place to pee. As I got older being 12 almost 13 they bought be small adult diapers for me to wear in the airports along with plastic pants to places where I needed them . It was fun experience for me being a diaper lover and peeing in public as such and my parents not caring as I had excuse.

    I am really am pee shy though I didn't use this an excuse to wear diapers I guess I am kinda of lucky being a diaper lover, I probably would never did it if it wasn't for my aunt making me. Although If I could get rid of my pee shy problem in a heart beat. I had girlfriends think of me as weird having to wear diapers sometimes some accepted it some didn't, even after explaining it was was not part of my diaper fetish and getting the fetish from my parents putting me and diapers when I was little.Plus telling them the issue being pee shy from as long as I can remember, which could of came from a potty training issue. I still wear diapers to this day in public sometimes or on long car trips and at work because of being pee shy. I still wear and at times in the past my mom will be like did you go to bathroom or pee your diaper lol. I would have to tell her no but I wet my diaper, I couldn't pee because someone walked in the bathroom, so I walked out and peed my diaper. No one knows that I wear diapers as an adult besides my dad and mom and no one has ever caught me as far I know, but there has been some close calls, my brothers don't know either. Actually now that I think about it, I did get noticed by some people who didn't know me Although I been caught throwing away diapers in public bathrooms by people that I don't know a few times.

    I would love to hear what you think (THANKS FOR READING)
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    I only made it through the first ten paragraphs, so forgive me if I missed something. I can't believe you developed a diaper fetish at age four though. WOW that is an early puberty! Glad to hear you got lots of sexual stimulation out of it though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    I only made it through the first ten paragraphs, so forgive me if I missed something. I can't believe you developed a diaper fetish at age four though. WOW that is an early puberty! Glad to hear you got lots of sexual stimulation out of it though.
    I wouldn't say I developed diaper fetish at that time I only did hump the bed in a diaper and it felt good and never did past the age of 4 or 5. although that's where my diaper fetish came from b/c i never masturbated until 15 except for that and didn't see as sexual b/c at that age you don't even know what sexual is. I did get erections from wearing them but what diaper lover doesn't. Sorry I know its a long read but It's good one its get better as the stories I have go on in this post.. I know its 28 paragraphs 4800+ words. I didn't get alot of sexual stimulation I probaly only did it a few times
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    I only made it through the first ten paragraphs, so forgive me if I missed something. I can't believe you developed a diaper fetish at age four though. WOW that is an early puberty! Glad to hear you got lots of sexual stimulation out of it though.
    I got my training-pants fetish around four. It has nothing to do with puberty - I got my first period a couple weeks before my 11th. birthday. People may say it's not possible to have a fetish before puberty, but it is. I'm proof. Of course I didn't understand it until years later, but even at that young age I was masturbating to thoughts of potty training, Pull-Ups, and accidents.

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    exactly I never understood until I was 15

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaWolfNagihiko View Post
    I got my training-pants fetish around four. It has nothing to do with puberty - I got my first period a couple weeks before my 11th. birthday. People may say it's not possible to have a fetish before puberty, but it is. I'm proof. Of course I didn't understand it until years later, but even at that young age I was masturbating to thoughts of potty training, Pull-Ups, and accidents.
    exactly KimbaWolfNagihiko, I think every one develops all fetishs as a kid most of the time just don't realize it or know what triggered it. I never understood it until I was 15, Even my parents let me wear diapers after I stopped wetting the bed & before I stop wetting the bed for being pee shy in public bathrooms, so I wore diapers out in public and that's 1/4 my story is about in this topic here. i had a lot fun wearing diapers as a kid. You know you have a fetish but you don't understand that it's a fetish until you get older
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    Can you put a TL;DR at the end? That's a huge story and I only read about 4 paragraphs

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    Quote Originally Posted by CookieMonstah View Post
    Can you put a TL;DR at the end? That's a huge story and I only read about 4 paragraphs
    whats tl,dr? it took 8 hours 4800+ words to write not including at least 5 times in proof reading. Its basically all my crazy experiences with diapers as a kid. I am not bashing if you don't have the time to read but it's worth reading for sure, go back and read if can or want to THANKS!

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    TL;DR stands for too lazy; didn't read. Not that I'm lazy just it's hard for me to concentrate that long

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    good to know, that okay, it is long, I think people get to lazy to type words , I hate this abbreviation crap, I don't understand half of them, inproper english, but I should make like a summary to my story

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    I read the whole story and found your memory of this was quit good. I too wet the bed clear up into my 13yh and 14th years. As i get older i find that i am wetting now 2 to 3 times a week. I would also hump my diaper when i was younger.

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