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Thread: Do people always wet their diaper?

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    Cool Do people always wet their diaper?

    Just wondering, do people always wet their diaper? or change without wetting?
    Seems kind of a waste not to, I always put a new one on after showering, and endeavour to wet standing in the shower just before washing. I hold as long as possible while standing there, my Lady Tena pants don't hold a massive volume, so any leaks go in the bath, so I can just let go without worrying about any mess to clean up. What are other people's wetting habits?

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    I change when they wear out (Biancos). I very rarely have IC, so the diaper can last for quite a while. Using on purpose results in a difficult cleanup as my bone-on-bone osteoarthritis hip joints make it painful.
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    I'm incontinent so my body wets when it feels like it.

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    Generally wet in the morning and drink a cup or two of coffee and then jump in the shower, still wearing it.

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    Almost always at least that. I've had a few occasions 24/7 where I needed to change for some reason and hadn't used the diaper at all but they're rare.

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    I like both a dry diaper and a freshly wet diaper. The warmth of a freshly wet diaper seems to make me feel secure, but when it gets clammy I will either wet it again to continue the feeling, or change depending if I am at capacity of my diapers. When I am at capacity I sometimes do the diaper dance, but I usually just go directly to the changing table and change.

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    Usually it'd be a wet diaper & I change myself when its wet.

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    I always try to wet my diapers close to their capacity. It seems wasteful to me to change out of a diaper before it is near capacity.

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    To me a diaper is most enjoyable just before it starts to leak so I rarely take off a dry one but there are times I do. Over the many years here there have been several members stating they don't like to wet just preferring the dry bulk of a clean diaper. To each his own!

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