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    Has anybody tried the little pawz size small yet? Are they the same as the other smalls or do they fit any different? The small size in the other ABU diapers barely fit me, so just wondering if these may be a little bigger since they are a different diaper style, and hopefully fit better.

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    Considering how small the medium are, I think only our resident toothpicks will fit in them. But we'll see. It seems to me than they're going to be roundabouts the size of the largest baby diapers. Normally I'd say "Since you can fit in them, why not just wear real baby diapers?" But the Little Paws are going to be superior to them in every way so in that case I could see it totally justified. It's not like I'm comparing say a tena to a pampers, the Paws is a high quality ABDL diaper that will work better than even a scaled-up pampers.

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    The sizing is the same, but I like it better since the landing zone is less thick than the preschools, so it doesn't itch. Still hoping for larger smalls too!

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