small diapers

  1. tomviper000

    little pawz size small

    Has anybody tried the little pawz size small yet? Are they the same as the other smalls or do they fit any different? The small size in the other ABU diapers barely fit me, so just wondering if these may be a little bigger since they are a different diaper style, and hopefully fit better.
  2. Pokogirl

    Uses of Small Size Diapers

    So, I have been wearing different baby diapers for a while and I'm in love with them! The way they feel,the smell,the design etc..It was a matter of time that I ran out of diapers. I went to the nearby pharmacy today to buy the diapers I usually wear. But they weren't available. The shopkeeper...
  3. KarmaBaby

    Molicare super plus

    Are the purple molicare super pluses really discontinued? I finally got the nerve to try some actual adult diapers instead of using pampers and goodnights with diaper covers. I just finished a bag of small molicares and small abenda S4. The molicares fit perfectly and were great!! I found the...