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Thread: bulge in public?

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    Default bulge in public?

    i have the issue of getting a slight bulge in the front area in public, what is the best way to hide this or flatten it down?

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    If its wet you cannot control that. If people here compress the material as they do with those compression shirts or other items of the sort you defeat the purpose of the absorbent material the material is meant not to be compressed as some here do. its meant to be as it came from the factory end of story. Yeah it bites having to wear diapers 24-7 as I do but there aint anything you can do about it . think you would rather have the bulge than wet pants eh? most will never notice it as with other posts on this category about hiding bulges. Going to be straight talking to you. You have to live your life and if you are incontinent its part of life now.
    Darker clothes are your best friend, going to have to give up the teenage skinny tight jeans or other pants that follow each and every groove and curve on your lower half of the body. Go with a size up and get a decent belt or get Cotton lined Nylon wind pants to wear a size up again use that string on the waist as your friend . And Cargo pants or Cargo shorts are out of style now going to have to go with something else too.
    I feel for you thought I do not have bladder control at all and trust me in when its full you want it off very fast. We are here for ya.

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    Don't worry about it. No one will say anything.

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    Unless it's very obvious as to what you're wearing, you'll be fine. Otherwise, going up a waist size will help.

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    or get a onesie, it flattens the bulge a bit,

    i would be more concerned by a bulge at the back than at the front

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    Get some relaxt fit pants one size up, it will help hide the bulge. I wear thick premium diapers to deal with my OAB issue as I need the absorbancy no one has said anything ita better to have a slight bulge then wet pants due to wearing to thin of a diaper.

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    Different diapers will swell different amounts. Some have little to no swell at all. But this means little to no SAP, and you have to start worrying about "press out", and their overall capacity will be lower as well. So with some care you can pick a diaper that's not big enough when dry to be a problem, but that has enough capacity for your need. I've found that bambino's regular line as well as confidry 247 are a good middleground.

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    Yesterday I wore a abu preschool plastic large with a power ups booster. I chose to wear a 4-care onesie then a pair of average cotton shorts with a regular untucked t-shirt. I went out in the yard to start so landscape work around 9am. Through out the day I just wet whenever I felt the urge. I had multiple neighbors that stopped during the day (was outside working from 9am to about 5:30pm) I was in all different positions through out the day ( was weeding my gardens, creating a new one, trimming a few flowering tree's ect..)
    During all of this I wasn't the least worried about getting busted or strange looks, the only time it looked to me that I had a "bulge" was when I was sitting on my low concrete retaining wall with my legs in front of me, bent forward using my hand rake to pull up roots and rocks. I called it quits around 5 and cleaned up all my tools and stuff, I felt a regular diaper saturation line on my butt, but new big bulge, no leaks. When I unbuttoned my onesie, my diaper dropped a few inches and it had a good sage to it.
    The key is to wear a properly fitting diaper and a onesie. To many times people are wearing something that is to small for them and they get a full frontal bulge and leak because the product cant move moisture around properly.

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    Don't worry no one notices if you wear nappies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hopel View Post
    i have the issue of getting a slight bulge in the front area in public, what is the best way to hide this or flatten it down?
    That's just it- slight bulge. Do nothing, and nobody will notice. And if they do, most people will think boner not diaper.

    But something can be said for peace of mind too. Wear pants that are one size bigger than needed, black, and relazed fit. I personally also like pleated front slacks. The pleat/creases go a long way to visually break up that area.

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