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    Default Newbie in the Midwest

    I've never actually spoke with the abdl community before. I'm honestly not sure what categories I fit into (AB/little/age-play) but I know that I'd love to find a guy who could be a "daddy" for me. I'd love some support helping me find my place, and maybe a hot guy along the way
    I know my username is kinda crappy, but it's hard to come up with them.
    I have wavey brown hair (currently dyed blonde) and my eyes are legitimately sapphire blue. I'm a heavier set guy, though I am losing weight. Six foot (183cm) tall, 240 lbs (109 kilos/17stone). American, from the midwest.
    I'm a bit of an otaku, and a history nerd, and a nerd in general. I don't consider myself a country boy, but I do hail from a farming family and can come off like that at times. I'm fine with lighthearted teasing, as long as people aren't trying to be mean.
    I try to be polite with strangers, but be prepared for a less formal me if you get to know me, which I encourage you to try.

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    Hello ericlovesdaddies and welcome to the group.

    An informative introduction.

    However I would suggest that you take a moment and review the rules in the ADISC Intro/rules and tips pull down.

    Again welcome to the group.

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