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    I'm not going to post any more photos of myself online but I got myself a stylish hair cut and I can feel my attitude changing, I can stand just a little taller now, I talk louder, I can joke around and generally feel more confident and I don't feel like a mess or that I'm ugly anymore.

    It's surprising because all through high school, my hair was greasy, which was caused by, guess what!?

    Scalp psoriasis! It's not bad looking as my hair completly covers it and is only mild, (if you choose to look it up) I went to a good salon with my step mom to be and the head hairdresser diagnosed me with what I thought I never had, she said it was caused by stress and anxiety which I've had a lot of recently, so I better take a chill pill and use t tree shampoo. It's better than losing hair I suppose!

    I went through high school thinking I was ugly because my actual mom never took me to a good hair dressers and I would always want to hide my face because whenever I would wash it, i was using a shampoo that is heavy for my hair type, (thin but lots of it and blond) so my hair would weigh down and look and feel like it had never been washed and this went on for at least the entirety of teenage years, I just looked like a ghost out of the grudge and I would absolutly hate my photo being taken, but now I can actually get on with life now and not have to hide who I am anymore. I feel like I can move on now and never think I'm ugly again. I know what my family meant now when they said I was pretty.

    I got a hairstyle whichh fits my face shape, (full fringe, hair up to chin and around the front goes a bit longer) it's hard to explain what hair style I went for.

    So let's hope this is the start of a wonderful new life and will help me get a job I'll love

    Hugs and smiles, angelic! <3

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    Congratulations on getting a handle on your scalp condition. There's nothing like feeling better about yourself. I hope things will continue to look up for you.

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    Yep, I know what it was caused by, my mom shouting and screaming at me for stupid reasons and punishing me when I shouldn't of been punished, going to school only added to the stress and then I had to leave my childcare college course because I was such a nervous wreak, I couldn't do the job properly. Oh well new hair do, new me! Let's hope im more successful this time...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thanks dogboy btw

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    I'm really glad our prompting before has finally gotten you to take matters into your own hands. You've taken control, and are working on ways to improve your life.

    Your recent improvements are from more than just a new hair style. Congratulations.

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    Thanks, Slomo, i needed to get life into gear, thanks for giving me something to think about.

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    I'm sure it's a lovely haircut

    self confidence is a beautiful thing, I'm glad that your coming into your own and out from other's shadows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardsalvo View Post
    There are many hair styles that are new in my eyes.
    You might want a different hair style then. It's not normal to have hair in your eyes. It irritates them and can cause vision damage.

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    I'm not sure that's what he meant, I think he meant that he sees the hairstyles as new, not that the hairstyles end up in his eyes

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