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Thread: still ting to find 3XL adult velcro diaper

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    Default still ting to find 3XL adult velcro diaper

    The cost of 3xl velcro diapers are too much. My wife will not allow me to wear cloth pin on diapers but she is OK with velcro diapers. I have from and good but they are I. Canada and the cost is not worth it. I have two babykins velcro diapers from babykins and too small. I love diapers and just expensive. Any ideas from members.

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    Maybe you could learn to sew and make your own velcro diapers. From there it could even become a sideline business if you wanted to continue doing it.

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    You may contact the owner of I'm pretty sure she can do custom sizes if needed, granted it will be a little more expensive because of the non standard size, but her cloth diapers are my favorites, I own only 1 of them and would love to get more but due to the USD/CAD exchange rates right now, its a little too expensive for my budget at this time. They work really well.

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    Don't know the exact size in inches for 3XL, nor do I know if these are good, but I ordered a pair to try 'em. Thought they were pretty cheap.

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    When you have a diaper of that size the price goes up because it takes more materials. The materials to make the diapers are not cheap to buy so that is why they are expensive. Put it this way the waterproof fabric I use to make my diapers cost 15 per yard it take a yard just to make a large diaper so I would need at least a yard and a half. Then there is all the other fabric it takes to make up a diaper. I sell my large diapers for 45. That is really the lowest I can go because the cost of materials and time it takes to sew.

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