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Thread: New Tykables?

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    Default New Tykables?

    So.... are Tykables coming out with a new release? Sounds like it based on this post on their website. Is this old? New?

    Tykables New Diapers

    We get people asking every day when we will be getting more Overnights in stock. It is killing us not to be talking about this more...

    After over 3 years of support from the community, success, and gathering tons of feedback from the community about our diapers we can say that we are about to blow everyone away, again.

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    They seem to change their products around too much in my opinion. Also have some people I knew who were through by their sizings.

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    From what i understand they had to change from snuggies to tykables because of huggies brand. I wonder why they got rid of the S.E.X diapers they were plain white. Also noticed a link to extended wear on there site. So are they bringing out something more absorbent that the over nights?

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    I'm wondering if their gonna come out with the original Tykables. The Snuggies Waddlers like before. I hope so.

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    I certainly hope so. They only have the Overnights and P-Leathers, which when compared to the other ABDL brands, is not a lot (It's only 2 diapers). They're definitely overdue to come out with a new diaper, and hopefully, it's something that'll fill the void that was left when they had to discontinue Snuggies Waddlers.

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    I think I just figured out what happened to the tykables current diaper and why there not restocking.
    Abu barebums are the same diaper as the tykables, I literally just compared side by side the new Abu bare bum and a left over tykables overnight. Same plastic, same thickness, same sap to fluff ratio, almost the same tapes. Most importantly the same fit and cut.
    I think Abu saw a chance to cut tykables out by buying the manufacturing rights.
    This is why tykables is coming out with a "new diaper" because it's a whole new manufacturer.

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