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Thread: Does anyone have the new honda civic type r?

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    Default Does anyone have the new honda civic type r?

    does anyone have the new honda civic type r? what are your thoughts!?

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    Overly expensive, very little power. All aboard the hype train. You'd probably be better-off waiting For about 2 or 3 years For people to figure out that it's just another overgrown weed eater. You'd probably better-off the focus RS or GT86

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    Get New Merc E-Class 2017 with ALL Options instead If you enquire at good dealer they will offer you 10K Discount so instead of Paying 50K you'll bag brand new merc for 40 K With all the options installed. This way you have all the cool options free and It can literally drive and park itself just like Tesla does. If you get the 3 Litre Version You'll smoke that GT-86 straight. It does 0-60 in 5 something sec's. So almost as fast as Lambo Gallardo which does that in 4 secs but for 1/4 th Price of the Lambo. Lifehack nr 1 and you get All the luxuries in the world too including mood lighting pick from 64 colors and even air humidifier with mercedes-benz official perfumes. Self locking doors and even air-suspension. Beat that Honda Civic heh. You'll pay same price for Type-R but you will get boyracer car instead with no class whatsoever. But that's just my 2 Cents.

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    Which Type R? The new one?

    The previous one is quick but according to most magazines it's just not engaging enough. I heard some good preview drive about the newer ones but frankly I wouldn't believe it until they had a proper test. And assuming you can get a Type R, you are from UK? I would wait until magazine like Evo do a proper road test on the B-road.

    Meanwhile at that price points. Focus RS is mad and yes you probably should get one, Golf GTI is sensible everyday choice, Megane RS is really thrilling... But again unless you do track day or using it for performance drive, living on daily basis might be a bit of hassle. I think Leon Cupra is a bargain, it's basically a Gold afterall....

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    Went to price one out and the two local Honda dealers basically told me $5k over sticker, no negotiating, no options, no colors, pay in full and you'll get one when we get one and be happy about it.

    F*ck that.

    Searched around, ended up driving to Wash DC to make a deal on a Golf R, at the last minute drove both an R and a GTI and bought the GTI. 26K out the door, and saved the extra 14K I would have spent on a car for a containerload of Confidrys

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    You have Type R in US?

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer View Post
    You have Type R in US?
    A few are just starting to get shipped now. But yes it's on sale here

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    Having been a Porsche owner for 75 vehicle-years (and exclusively a stick shift owner for well over 100 vehicle-years), my hip osteoarthritis finally forced me to purchase an automatic. I purchased a former lease 2014 MB C250 Sport Sedan (with one year left on the warranty), 25,000 miles for $25,000 and am quite happy with it. Considering the "newest" model Porsche I have is a '96 993, all of the electronics (of which I use about 10%) was like "back to the future", lol.

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    The 86 is an excellent vehicle, a family member owns one and it's a hoot to drive. People complain it's slow, but I don't think they've driven one... It has all the power you'd need on a public road, and the low-slung driving position and firm suspension, as well as the razor sharp steering make it great fun. Only complaint is theirs is auto, I would have loved a manual version to try. It's even better since they fitted Bridgestone Potenza RE003 tyres (205/55r16), it corners at unbelievable speed. You can take 65 km/h corners at 100 km/h, easily.

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