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    I have a quick question can uti led to incontinence if you don't keep the uti under control? I hope not the last thing I want to give up crossfit because I have to wear diapers or the workplace

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    If a UTI gets that out of control IC would not be my fear DEATH would be , a UTI becomes a bladder infection the infection can then migrate up the utters and become a kidney infection it's a short put from there into potential septic shock , although you will more than likely feel like walking death if it got to that point ,and permanent kidney damage is also on the table ( i dont know about you but dialysis 5 hours a day three days a week, ain't a groovy life , and that's if your diet is spot on perfect , with the maximum water you can drink and food you can eat so certain vitamins and minerals don't kill you by building up , any extra fluid or food consumed can spell longer session needed to purify you ) not a nice image, but all are possibilities , needless to say you should see a doctor about the infection before the doctor sees you you ( autopsies are conducted by pathologist they are doctors ) . Good luck

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    Go to er asap!

    Uti will lead to death if left untreated and running away!

    Just go to the doctor get some drugs and clear it up!

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    Okay so no way. Will led to incontinence. Its not bad I am taking the pill and I am going June 5 foe 2 check up. So answer. To my question is no

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    Quote Originally Posted by makena43 View Post
    I have a quick question can uti led to incontinence if you don't keep the uti under control? I hope not the last thing I want to give up crossfit because I have to wear diapers or the workplace
    I wear diapers 24/7 including when I'm at crossfit. Lose fitting shorts and no one will notice a padded butt.

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    no way would I wear work out they would be so soaked and sag and I could not forus on my workout.

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    Wear a onesie or body suit no sag no drag, so what if it's soaked ,isn't that a diapers job qualification to soak it til a fresh one comes along . I think people think this is a perfect world, if it was there would be no need for diapers or for working out , we would come into this world completely ripped and shredded knowing everything we need to have a good life , until then we have exercise and diapers , if you need them don't be afraid to use them and screw what other people think, life is about living it, doing it and getting through it so that we can hopfully die in old age with some really good memories. I obviously don't exercise any more or do much of anything , but I still even diaper wearing my TNF alpine tights, I climbed a lot of rock and hiked a lot of trails in them, they are full of memories ,and they also dont conceal a diaper, but I am not worried because that is today's reality ,my life my comfort my keeping other people from slipping in a pool of urine ,don't think of what you can't do in diaper , think of everything you can and will do ,because all things are possible if you let them be .

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    I agree. I am wearing. When I can to stop being shame guilty resent and probably. Holding. Back the true me

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    out of my long time in diapers I have only gotten bad UIT's that needed medical intervention abut 2 times, the first case I was not hydrated enough the second I don't know, but staying hydrated is the best way to avoid A UTI. once my pee feels like acid my doctor gives me antibiotics with out even seeing him in person, he wants to knock it down as fast as possible to stop it in it's tracks

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