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Thread: Have you ever taken anything to reduce odor?

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    Default Have you ever taken anything to reduce odor?

    So I was surfing around and found the site. It is an interesting resource. In the diaper use section under messing/rectal activities they mention that "ABDLs may take chlorophyllDEF, DevromŽ (bismuth subgallate), or activated charcoal to reduce the odor."

    Has anyone tried any of these things and how did it go?

    Any side effects?

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    I seem to recall several people saying chlorophyll can be effective but turns your poop green.

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    My rough guess is that it reduces odour by about 75%

    I take the tablet form the week before coming home when I'm away at work for the month, then change to the liquid.

    I think the liquid works better but tastes a lil funny , kinda like what I imagine a fern would taste like if you put it in a blender.

    As for colour, turns your poo a dark green. I'm unsure if it affects any other aspect such as soft/hard etc as mine varies with diet

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    I like fiddle head ferns they are yummy sauteed with garlic or made into a sorbet they have a taste much like vanilla .
    Chlorophyl and Nullo( the brand name of a mixed supplement that decreaees odor , effective but expensive ) .and as noted will make your pop a real nasty green .

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    I've used chlorophyll before, found plastic pants and plastic diapers with some scented powder generally help about as much or more

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