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    Default Hello everyone!

    Hi I am here because I want at least some abdl interaction with other abdls. I want some abdls friends to talk to because I'm lonely. I am male and I want someone to talk to about abdl stuff. I love video games and computers tf2 and overwatch are my two main games I play. Also I adore cats most of my wardrobe consists of cat shirts and tie dye. I have three cats and two dogs my cat is a little black cat and she is adoribal. And if you didn't notice my profile I am a brony. No one knows I am abdl (accept everyone here) I live with my family of four. I'm sorry if I'm wishy washy but I'm new and want some friends. I have not been able to actuly wear diaper because I live really far away from any were that sells them and can't order anything online because my parents check the mail box like twice a day and it also is far away and if they see a box to our adress they will open it emeditly. I have been thinking of making the long journy to walmart to bye goodnits. But for now I'm un-diapered.
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    Hello Lilshy and welcome to the group.

    Nice introduction.


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    Hi Lilshy. You have found the right place to make ABDL friends. Sorry about the un-diapered part. I hope you are able to try some soon. Yeah, it can be real lonely for all of us at times. When did you first become interested in diapers? Do you have other Little interests like pacifiers, plushies, etc?

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    I do like some little things like pacifiers and onsies and I have alwase liked diaper ever sense I was really young

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    Hey Lilshy! Don't worry, bro! We're here for you! You'll find out the perfect plan to get diapers into your room without your parents noticing. Tip: Backpacks and Duffle bags are very helpful when buying diapers and hiding them

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