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Thread: Tena Slip Maxi's have changed?

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    Default Tena Slip Maxi's have changed?

    I just received a delivery of 10 packs of tena Slip maxis and 3/4 of my order are a new version. They have new packaging and the diapers have less leg elastic it now only extends a short way up the front and rear and the wings seem a little longer, they are noticeably softer than previous version which is great but my initial reaction is of disappointment, the old version has been my favourite for a long time due to amazing absorbency and fantastic fit and security. I have preferred these over even Abu simply because a great fit for me is hard to find and I believe part of it was due to great long leg elastic. I will update with my thoughts once I have got through a few hopefully there still ok

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    Tena was my all time favorite brand.
    They put out those Tena slip original hybrids with embarrassingly bad quality and tena pants got even thinner and the cut even worse with super low absorbency.
    Then i wrote to Tena in explicit detail about the bad quality without a response.
    Even depends are listening to the consumer now.
    How far they have fallen.
    Then i discovered Molicare are outselling Tena in SA by 20 to 1.
    What a shame....

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    Update! So far I am mostly through 1 pack and my disappointment is well founded the tapes are shocking even though the previous tapes were quite good these same the same however the cover is different and they Slip badly and fall off and won't restick absolutely shameful. The lack of elastic and poor tapes makes them feel loose on me and possibly the worst part is they weep moisture to the outside really badly. I often wear underwear over them and this afternoon I was down the street when I got home my underwear were soaking because they had seeped moisture to the outside not leaked. My only good point is they are now really soft but that has come at great cost of now a non functional diaper. I contacted Tena and there response was helpful and prompt. They offered to swap for flex maxis but I doubt they will be any better or not what I want. Very disappointed

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    New Tena slip maxis are terrible.

    Not sure if you can get them in Australia, but the new Tena slip active are great and most similar to the old Tena slip maxi

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