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Thread: Who's ever bought anything from Cosy n Dry?

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    Default Who's ever bought anything from Cosy n Dry?

    I came across the website recently and I can't find too many opinions about it online. Just curious to know if it's a legit and overall good online store to shop from. Thank you.

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    I have bought from them a couple of times and have had no problem at all. Orders were delivered discreet and fast.

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    Yeah no probs I have had plastic pants off them a couple of times.

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    I shopped there and I thought the customer service was pretty bad. The product was ok though.

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    I have bought from them a number of times and have always found them helpful and responsive. On one occasion I had to send some merchandise back due to quality control issues. No problem, no fuss - items replaced immediately. I'd give them a big thumbs up!

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    I buy from them often and have always found them very helpful and knowledgeable.

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    I just ordered four toddler shirts a couple of days ago. They obviously haven't had time to arrive yet. Prior to that, years ago, I ordered several plastic pants and "night-time" cloth diapers. The items arrived on time, in plain packaging, and were well worth the money spent. I've never ventured to buy any of their "custom clothing", but that may change... I can't answer as to customer service, as I had no issues.

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    Not trying to provide an ad for them, but I have purchased several items from them. They have been of outstanding quality and very good to work with. The materials and craftsmanship is very good.

    I have several custom made onesies, satin covered plastic pants, fleece onesies, rompers and other items purchased from this company. For the most part, I have been more than satisfied with their products.

    Just make sure that you have communication with them about any questions for size on custom made products.

    Otherwise, yes, they are a very legit company. Very discrete, and very willing to work with you in customizing your clothing to your desires and needs.

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