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  • Yep, I'm pretty busy too. We had an ice storm. It's been a week & a half, and I still need 4x4 to get around in my own yard, & we've had sunny days. Just lots of ice & sleet. All this stuff has made taking care of cattle take longer. Lost power for awhile. I'm back online, but lots of people near me are still offline & the storm hit on the 26th.

    Ohh yeah, I've still got lots of fence that I need to fix. I had a lot of medical stuff come up this past year that kept me from being able to do a lot of work. I'm slowly getting back into being able to do a lot of my work.
    Not too bad. I'm trying to get well, so I can get everything ready for harvest. I've got lots of work to do on the combine. I've had some medical problems that I'm still trying to get figured out. Got more testing to do tomorrow.

    Also got lots of fence to fix. I'm going to expand my herd of cattle. My grandmother has leased all of her land to me.

    How's it going for you?
    Sorry for the short reply the other day. I hadn't gotten alot of sleep here latley, and all my messages that day were pretty short and brief. That's cool, so are you going around working for different farms, or is there a single farm, or a couple of farms that you're currently working for? What State / Latitude are you in? I'm in Oklahoma. I know in different regions they grow different things. Around here it's mostly wheat. There is some canola, cotton, sudan, other feeds, and a few other things. But mostly cattle and wheat around here.
    Howdy, just happened to see your Avatar in the forums. I was curious if you farm. I've lived on a farm my whole life. Don't ever want to move to town.
    i just wanted to compliment you, browne....
    i think that it took courage and honesty to say what you have in the "babied in public" thread..... (smile)
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