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    Just got in my sample bag of 10 large Rawr by Qtty. (I keep wanting to call them "Rawrz" for some reason... the name just seems so much more natural)

    These diapers are dinosaur-themed, and have a very busy / active shell art on them. It's a bit heavy on the red, but has enough green in it to almost give it a christmas feel. The dinosaur art is fairly simple and cartoon-like, with a low level of detail and most areas are simply filled in with solid colors. The main shell is a very limited repeating pattern, with several fairly random transitions from a red stripe with symbols, to blue dog bones and green leaves, to red and blue boxes with larger symbols. There's really no very consistent theme, like they had several different design ideas and just used them all rather than settling on one or two. This makes them kind of difficult to develop any kind of attachment to because they're just so thinly spread around the board.

    Rawr sizes at the far end of small, with the large's claimed waist size of only 38-47", (medium are 28-37") making these a possible option for the little people that can't find a size Small they like. I normally tape my diapers a bit loose for a 42" fit, and these are really close to my limit on the lowers. I've never seen a size Large fit this small before. At 26.5" wide, the shell is smaller than any Large I've seen, and is even smaller than a few Medium. The top tape panel is wider than on many diapers, so you can get a little more mileage out of the width than you normally would be able to do. If you look carefully you can notice the symmetry in the shell art that will help you apply the tapes evenly and consistently. But they can be a little hard to see under the tape panel art, but that is also consistent though not symmetrical. Numbers or something would have been nice.

    The shell is made of a thin but stiff plastic, making them extra crinkly. The shell's outer texture looks and feels similar to ABU's Little Paws. It's not rough or hard but not quite smooth either. The tape panel is harder and smooth, but isn't as thick as ABU uses. The inner liner is neither soft nor rough. leak guards are tall and look to be good quality, with two elastic bands and solid construction.

    Now for the secret sauce. Rawr have one feature I haven't seen in any other diaper, adult or baby, and it's a nice one. One thing you'll notice when you open one up is the front and rear waist elastic are much thicker than usual. It's not just accordian-folded plastic, there's actually something in there that's adding physical bulk to the stretchy area. And it's got a lot more elastic power than usual, roughly double the elastic force of the leg gathers!

    It didn't take me long to figure out what was going on. There's an elastic foam strip that's been inserted between the top sheet and the shell, that acts like a wide, soft rubber band. It reminds me a bit of those thin sheets of foam that some places use to wrap things for shipment - we're talking 2mm thick or so, and fairly dense and strong foam. It doesn't seem to be connected to the shell very well though, so I wonder if it's durable. Only time will tell. Whatever the case, it starts out giving you a great fit around the waist. Much better than stretchy tapes, better than stretchy sides, better than the usual waist elastic. Nothing compares, this is without a doubt Rawr's most innovative feature. And it's soft on the skin, unlike some waistband elastics. No itchies.

    Leg gathers are good, they're plenty wide and use three elastic bands each. Pretty par for the coarse on premium diapers. Same for the tapes, they're using the same level of quality (probably 3M) than the other big names like ABU and Rearz are using, they stick really well but are movable without tearing the shell.

    Padding extends pretty far out to the sides in the front, and even more in the back. Probably gives you a little more mileage if you're a side-sleeper. I wish diaper manufacturers would extend the leak guards farther up the front than most of them do - I understand the primary idea is for stool containment, but they can work really well for urine too and would help this diaper have a better side-sleeper protection. They've got the padding in the front to deal with the flow, they just need the guards a little bit farther up the front to help even more for those of us that can't always rely on staying pointed down all night.

    The padding isn't as thick as it is on a lot of premium diapers though. They're considerably lighter in weight also, at only 5.8 oz per diaper. To put that into perspective, my list of high end diapers lists the 22 size large average at 7.0 ounces. Very few of them are lighter than Rawr, so I can't imagine them getting anywhere near their claimed capacity of 4500mL. The padding is very flexible and can't feel the SAP at all, there can't be a lot in there considering the light weight.

    Despite the wide padding in the crotch, the thinner lightweight padding actually makes these much more comfortable and easy to move around in. I suspect they'll do better this way when wet also. The apparently high-pulp padding should produce very good wicking, just not high capacity. Keep an eye on your wetness level And there are no wetness indicators from what I can tell. Similar to Crinklz rev1, Rawr have a tape panel that has a very different pattern on it from the shell art but using the same color set, with a transparent background, which renders the pattern on the tape almost illegible. It gets lost in the busyness of the print overall though so is much less of a distraction than it was on crinklz.

    I'm going to do something different this time with the images. I'm going to create a couple albums in my gallery and put the pictures there. I've taken some product shots I'll put in one album, and a handful of model/demo shots to show fit in another. If you don't care for those sorts of pics, don't open that album


    Rawr are a nice addition to list of diapers available to the ABDLs out there. They feature a very innovative waistband elastic that has stellar performance and comfort. Most features are on par with other premium ABDL diapers, though capacity / thickness is lacking. They're NOT discrete, and are both visually and audibly loud. Price is a little on the high end if you consider the lower capacity, but they're a great value if you only want a bag or two. (the cases cost the same per piece as bags, you don't get a "quantity discount" going with a case, making the cases relatively expensive and the bags relatively cheap) Comparing the price with the product, I'd judge them to be a little below average for value, due to their disorganized print and comparatively low capacity. But at $31 or so (shipped) per bag, definitely worth a try. If you spent that much on samples at most other places, you wouldn't even get half that many diapers. In the future I'd like to see thicker padding and improved artwork.

    FYI for those that were wondering, Rawr has several substantial differences from the MyDiaper family. It may be made using the same machine, but the dimensions are different. Rawr is longer, narrower, and lighter.
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    YAY! those look fun!

    I just ordered some, I hope I made it under the deadline

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    "FYI for those that were wondering, Rawr has several substantial differences from the MyDiaper family. It may be made using the same machine, but the dimensions are different. Rawr is longer, narrower, and lighter."

    Thank you that was the burning OCD question in my mind, going to have to loose more weight to use these effectively.

    Liked your review BTW.

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