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Thread: A not so interesting introduction

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    Default A not so interesting introduction

    Hi everyone :3 I'm posting this presentation more because of obligation rather than juste to introduce myself. I'm more of the lurker type and I like to read a bit of everything of the forum, but I don't really like to talk much.
    Just to give a sense of introduction I will say that I'm a DL, quite short (About 170cm) and I actually live in Australia studying video games and IT.
    Hope this introduction could brighten the day of some other lurkers of this forum :3

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    Hello Dracimimitot and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    What kind of video games do you like?

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    A bit of everything, mostly mmorpg and FPS. Mostly playing a game called Dofus, it's a french turn by turn mmorpg. Quite old but still enjoyable :3

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    Oh, I know Dofus! I've played the miniatures game they put out for it... I'm kinda a sucker for chibi anime figures and miniatures games so when you combine both... eheheh... ^_^;;;

    MMO online I've been playing Destiny mostly, was one of those record book completionists year one, but I'm losing interest... do you play Overwatch?

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    Welcome Dracimimitot, and there is nothing wrong with being a lurker and making an occasional post.

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    Same here. I find lurking here helps me come to terms with recent (ish) incontinence. There's a lot of wisdom and experience.

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