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Thread: Where can I look for a caregiver?

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    Default Where can I look for a caregiver?

    I am a bit nervous but I want somebody who would either be a mommy or daddy or just a babysitter even if it's somebody to talk to by text who would be happy with the way I am, I would like them to understand littles easily and be able to put me into little space and not make me or him/her feel awkward.

    I just sometimes want somebody to ask what I did today, how I was and remind me to get drinks for myself. I don't want this to be sexual and I do NOT want creeps who only get off on girls in diapers and only talk about diapers.

    I know it's hard for a random stranger to get an unconditional love for another complete stranger but I want to share part of my life with somebody that I cannot share with others. I often feel lonely in little space and it would be great For them to trust me and they earning the trust from me.

    What are good places to look for a caregiver?

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    I would suggest Fetlife, but don't get your hopes up. I would try to take it slow, if you happen to start talking to someone.

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    Fetlife! I got it with my friend I met on there, he is a daddy and would do anything for me, we have talked for a year, facetimed, called etc.. He has been through everything with me but we have never met in person, we plan to.. Eventually, when I am actually in the same country as him!

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    That's what I plan on doing, get to know them as a person first, they can ask any questions they want as long as it doesn't get too avasive. That's when I know if I can trust them or not, (e.g. Doesn't tell me sexual things when I tell them my little side is not sexual) btw, won't fetlife only be about fetishes and actual littlespace

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    I heard it's full of creeps, I have to be careful

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    Fetlife may not be for you.

    You can get connected with people who you may find beneficial but you can also get a lot of negative/bad responses. I suspect that you will get more of these bad responses than the good ones.

    From reading your other posts, you may find these bad responses will hurt you emotionally which is why I don't think Fetlife would be a good fit for you.

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    Is there a way of filtering who is reads them? What others sites are more ab friendly?

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    In my experience, it's much easier to instead of looking for someone specifically to be your caregiver, to develop a really close relationship with someone and then ask them to be your caregiver if you trust them. I have a Daddy, and we didn't start seeing each other based off of a caregiver/little relationship. We both knew that we liked diapers when we started dating, and after a while I started realizing that I was probably more on the Adult Baby side. It took me a while to feel comfortable enough to tell him, but once I did he was totally willing to be my Daddy, and even started enjoying himself doing it. Whichever way you decide to find a caregiver, it's not something that will happen in an instant. It's going to feel awkward at first, especially if neither of you have participated in such a thing before. Good luck my friend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    Is there a way of filtering who is reads them?
    Although I do have a Fetlife account, I rarely use it.

    I think you can set up preferences for ignoring certain people but you have to know their ID. What this normally means is you have to wait till you get a message, read it, decide you don't want to get anything from this person again and then finally, add them to your ignore list.

    Bottom line is that you would still need to see/read a post before you could ban them.

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    I'd do anything to have a mommy thats older than me but I'm nervous about using hookup sites like fetlife. I tried it once and the only 'female' response turned out to be a transexual which dissapointed me. Lot's of guys messaged me but that's not my thing at all.

    I hope to find someone on websites like these by just talking and putting myself out there. Yet again, I'm 24 and i've never had a girlfriend so I don't expect even that to happen

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    Meet someone and if the relationship is solid, the ABDL thing won't be a problem.

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