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  • Not bad at all! I'm married now lol. To a beautiful little princess all my own! I do miss being in touch with people like you though. What's your URL? I'd totally love to follow you!
    Hey no kidding! Sorry I've been so sparce around here. Tumblr and FL are dominating my online social life now. How are you doing though? Always good to hear from old friends!
    i think other veggies are nastier than broccoli!
    i eat broccoli, spinach and all that healthy stuff, i hate cauliflower though!
    I also cant stand lima beans! LOL
    I am definitly more TB....diapers just kind of go with the game, but I can use diapers or cartoon underwear...Im just like a 3 yr old...diapers just kind of run with the flow lol
    Coolio, awesome, love meeting new how have you been, and how do u like adisc?
    hello greeniebell, im always looking for people to talk to on adisc, im a really nice person, how are you? hope we can become friends:)
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