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    Well, there's a girl that i kinda know likes me and has been kinda hitting on me at the bar. My suspicions were confirmed when our mutual friend ask if I liked her in that way and I said in not sure yet.
    The time before tonight we talked at one point about relaxing and I said I like watching little kid movies and not adulting in general.
    Tonight we talked about sex and kinky thing and I told her I have a kink and am open to trying new things like being a furry which is no lie. She brought up adult babies and the my strange addiction episode! She was like I could never do that can you believe they wear diapers and USE them?
    I felt cornered but played it off like I've heard of it and seen it on TV shows. Its okay though, now I know not to invest any effort pursuing any sort of relationship. I don't think I was going to anyway, she's plus sized which I don't think I can handle unless they are smart and fun to be with. Saying diapers are a dealbreaker made it a dealbreaker for me. Oh well, the search continues and me and her can be friends.

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    Yep deal breaker alright.

    I used to have coffee with 2 coworkers at least 3 times a week, one of them was even a family friend but one day at coffee they both talked about "the freaks" that wore diapers on one fetish show or another (must have played on TV or something) and I have never had coffee again with them.

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    Follow your heart and your instincts. And you'll always be on the pathway to happiness ... until at last, you find it or it finds you.

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