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Thread: Do you feel younger

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    Default Do you feel younger

    With Diaper on?

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    Kinda yeah, the mental comfort of wearing a diaper pairs up very well with the physical comfort and softness of it that it really just feels good in every way to have one on.

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    Yes definatly, I always feel like I am pretending to be somebody else when I am not wearing!

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    Yes, I do during my AB/DL times at home. I pretend I am a child being supervised by parents. Sometimes I'm a 17 year old who has disability problems (which I do) and needs to be in diapers, suck on a pacifier and do simple work in the house, sometimes I am an 8 year old who is being disciplined with diapers, eating like a baby and time outs in chairs needing to do eight year old stuff like read, do art work, sometimes I am a 2 two year old who is allowed to play with toys and suck on a pacifier. Out of the home, most people treat average people with gray hair like "littles" anyway. So now in my diaper going here and there I am one, aren't I?

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    If I am wearing a diaper but otherwise in 'adult' mode, the diaper by itself does not make me feel any younger. Being 61, I truly do not feel '61' but younger normally.

    If I am wearing a diaper and doing baby or toddler things (using a bottle, coloring, watching cartoons, etc) then yes, I do feel much younger.

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    If helpless and lacking in control, sometimes when I have a bowel accident. Otherwise don't really think of it too much.

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    Interesting question.

    I'll say... sort of! I don't exactly feel like a baby, a toddler, or even a kid. But, while diapered, I do tend to live vicariously through toddlerhood and childhood memories of being in diapers, and while doing that, all thoughts of adulthood--or really anything else--pretty much disappear.

    I don't know if that counts.

    This is where I sort of wonder whether I'm a bit of an AB, too. Although I've never been inclined to "regress" outwardly, there is definitely a "baby" element to my mental state when I'm diaper-playing. It's just never seemed like quite enough to earn me the label.
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    I certainly don't feel any younger. What would make me feel younger, would be a total lack of dependence on diapers, normal dating relationships, and being FREE of this developmental disability I suffer from. Most any neuro-typical adult college student in his early 20's, is likely going to be picking up girls at one of the sororities on Greek row. Or, getting a date at the local Starbucks. Or, maybe meeting his significant other while out bicycling to the campus book store. Sorry folks, but wearing a diaper at night just isn't going to get you a date, because that's usually what people with profound disabilities wear. You usually end up being what that sorority girl has to deal with, so she can make a few bucks to pay her tuition and keep her car going.

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