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Thread: Brought my self a nice birthday present

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    Default Brought my self a nice birthday present

    I brought my self some nice birthday presents one I'll pick up tomorrow
    A full case of 80 space diapers 2 babykins Sumer onesie's
    100 stuffers 60 beesana night diaper

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    Happy birthday. I'm in the process of buying my bday present. Mu birthday was the fourth. I'm starting my cloth collection. I've got two covers,one night weight and ten boosters. I might pick up a case of some good disposables as well because I have a had a couple good checks.

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    Happy birthday and enjoy!

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    happy b-day to all and to all a good diapering

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    Happy Birthday!
    That's an AWESOME pressie!

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    I knew what was in that box before you opened it

    One served me well last night in fact.

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