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Thread: Do cleansing wipes make your skin feel sticky?

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    Default Do cleansing wipes make your skin feel sticky?

    I recently purchased cleansing wipes from XPMedical called Medline Aloetouch. I thought they would help reduce skin irritation, but the wipes leave my skin feeling sticky, which actually makes skin irritation worse.

    I couldn't find any reviews of the product that mentioned this problem.

    So do baby wipes normally make skin sticky? If not, why is this happening to me? Thanks

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    ok thanks
    Edit: But does aloe always make skin sticky? If it does, I don't understand why almost all baby wipes contain aloe. The stickiness is very uncomfortable
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    I know there's different kinds of wipes. Some are made for a bathing alternative which contains a lot of ingredients such as lotions, creams for pressure sores, soap and generally require a rinse cloth as well.

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    After wiping just use a bit of baby powder and it'll take that sticky feel away without having to wash off the beneficial aloe.
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