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Thread: What Are your favourites toys

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    Default What Are your favourites toys

    1. kiddie tv
    2. balls
    3. threading beads
    4. colouring Or psinting, playdough
    5. Rattles, keys and squeky toys
    6. pet toys
    7. dolls of any kind/ Action men Or soliders
    8. Cars, Trucks Or airplanes
    9. legos, duplo Or Lincoln Logs
    10. Dinos
    11. dress up
    12. animals, kitchen, Builders kit
    13. Baby interaktive toys
    14. blocks
    15. jigsaws
    16. figurines
    17. tea Party and toy shop
    18. stuffies
    19. Lounging with paci
    20. doll house
    21. dens and forts
    22. Books
    23. dancing to kiddie music
    24. the Park Or soft play
    25. Playing with pets
    26. cuddles with mommy Or daddy
    27. Role play
    28. Other

    Please put what you like Doing.
    I like Watching Peter rabbit, my Little Pony, Tom and jerry, mir Bean, tweenies, to jetters, Horrird Henry, arthur, Bali, Shawn the sheep and so on

    - - - Updated - - -

    I will Update soon

    - - - Updated - - -

    I dont Know why but i Love Playing with Balls, i like making Necklaces, colouring, playdough, dolls, i like vericle toys, i with i still had my Lego, Blocks, jigsaws, tea Party, kitchens, Shops, dolls and i wish i Could still go to the Park and softplay

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    I like squeeky toys,
    stuffed animals aka dolls
    legos, not often though.
    I would dress up but its not possible.
    I like figurines too.
    I like kid books. (mostly Mickey related)
    Music from my favorite show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse of course.
    I like watching Mickey tv shows from all eras, as well as 80's and 90's tv shows I grew up with like teddy ruxpin.

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    My favorite toys that I own are my My Little Ponies, Barbies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, Pound Puppies, my view master and coloring books. But I have so many other toys that I love. Here are a couple of older pictures of our toy room. It is a lot more cluttered now but these are the only pictures that I have.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1.jpg 
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    Woah! You have Loads of toys!, so jelous but when i move out eventuelly i will make sure i have Plenty of toys

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    This is a collection that has been growing steadily for about the last 10 years. It just started out as a box, then a closet then a closet and a corner of the bedroom in my old apartment, finally when we bought our house we decided that it needed it's own room. We have been talking lately about expanding down into our finished basement. I already have my My Little Pony Paradise Estate down there, it is too big to fit anywhere else. It's just so hard to resist when I see a toy from when I was little up for sale, especially when I can get a great deal on it. I'm still looking for an Alphie II that works, every one that I've found so far either doesn't work at all or makes a weird beeping noise and that's it.

    Maybe someday when we retire we will open an 80's museum lol.

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    I still have legos, x men figures, and gi joes that I still play with when I'm little. I also like to shoot firearms in little mode, kind of contradictory behaviors. Now that I'm an uncle all my toys that aren't special to me or worth money are getting mailed to my niece and nephew soon. I have a lot of Hess trucks in their boxes that I don't touch. But ya, I'm an 80's baby and we had all the coolest toys and cartoons, so hahahahaha nanahnahnahnah (sticks out my tongue).

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    My stuffed animals and teddies, dolly,cars,Legos and paci. I love being held,bottle fed and rocked🤗🙂🙃👶

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    I like LEGO blocks.
    I also love NERF Toy Guns.
    Plus Matchbox and Hot Wheels toy vehicles.

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    I don't have much in terms of toys but I would have to say that my plushies and some My Little Pony toys I have are my absolutely favorites.

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    I've been coloring so much lately in a lisa frank coloring book!! So much cute <3

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