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    Who is able to transition between bedwetting and being dry?

    I have been wearing diapers at night for a number of years. I like it. I don’t like getting up several times in the night to pee, as it interferes with my sleep. Most of the time I wake up before I pee and can get up and go, but not always. When I’m alway from home, I wear light pull ons...
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    Diapers and incontinence

    I have worn diapers to bed for years by choice. I enjoyed wearing the diapers and liked not having to get up during the night to go. At first, it was difficult to urinate in bed, but over time it has become almost automatic. I would usually always wake up and consciously pee. After a while...
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    Sleeping wet?

    My usual routine is to wear a diaper at night so I don't have to get up until morning. I usually wake when I wet, but many times I fall asleep and don't remember finishing. I do try to wear adequate protection, so as to not leak. I wear incontinent pants over the diaper to prevent accidental...
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    Woke up wet

    I have had this happen to me several times. I often wear diapers at night while sleeping because I enjoy it, not because I have to. I almost always wake before I pee. Several times however, I have woke up in the morning and found myself wet, but I have no memory of peeing. I really think...
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    When you sleep in a diaper

    I wear rubber or plastic pants over the diaper. If it is cold, I wear a onesie over everything.
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    Diaper Rash?

    I use a diaper rash cream each night to prevent a rash. Is there an easier way to prevent a rash? I wear at night and wake up wet in the morning. If I don't use the cream, I will get a rash.
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    Best Peeing Drinks

    I just drink three to four glases of water before bed and wake up with a warm and full diaper! I wake up to pee, but i usually do't remember finishing or how many times I wake.
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    Love Plastic Pants -- Yes or No

    I usually wear rubber pants over my disposable diapers at night. I have some plastic pants that have plastic covered elastic, but the plastic leaves marks on my legs. With the rubber pants, I usually leak some from my diaper, but the rubber pants almost always keeps me dry. I never wear...
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    Wearing at night

    I have been wearing diapers to bed for some time now. It took a little getting use to wetting while laying down, but persistance paid off. Now I sleep better with diapers. I will wake when I have to wet and will go back to sleep almost immediately. I do wear rubber pants over the diapers...
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    What's your wetting style?

    I usually just wet when I am in bed. I try to lay on my back and let the flow go between my legs. It seems to absorb better and not leak after several wettings. I use a disposable diaper and it seems to be designed this way.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    I am wearing Abena L3's with night cut rubber pants. All is held in place with a onesie since it is cold tonight. I will probably be wet by morning, but that is why I am wearing diapers!
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    wetting before sleeping

    I usually prefer to go to sleep dry. Since I usually drink several glasses of water before I go to bed, I know I will wake up and wet before morning. It is amazing how pleasant the warmth feels when you wet at night, and I immediately fall back to sleep. However, sometimes I will have to go...
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    To all the married people - how does this affect your marriage?

    I have been wearing diapers to bed by choice for over a year now. When I first started, my wife thought that it was rather unusual, which I agreed with. Like others, it is hard to make sense of our desire to wear diapers. Anyway, she has been pretty accepting. Her main concern is that I...
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    Inducing Bedwetting...

    I have been sleeping in diapers for the last year or so. At first it was hard to learn to pee while lying down, but gradually it became easier. Applying pressure to your full bladder helps. Still I have to have a fairly full bladder to go without any pressure on my bladder. I usually drink...
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    Overheard at Walmart

    You are probably correct, but it was cute. I would be to paranoid to say something like that myself.