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    Goodnites Tru-Fit

    I wear size 34 pants. They are a bit tight but I am able to wear them and be comfortable. I have not used them so as for capacity I am not sure.
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    Why Are Pull-ups Bad?

    With pull-up style diapers they are going for a more discrete profile as opposed to something with high capacity.
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    Just in case diapers?

    I have an old package of depends that are the pull ups but also have the tabs so you can make them tighter. I was in a hurry and bought those instead of standard depends with tabs (best I can get without order in online).
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    Hey guys, I have been following this forum for a while and decided that it was finally time to join in on the fun. I am a male that is a senior IT tech, I am very techy when it comes to my hobbies as well. I am a gamer (both Xbox one and PC), and I play bass guitar. What brings me here is what...