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  1. Diaper Lover
Hey guys,
I have been following this forum for a while and decided that it was finally time to join in on the fun.

I am a male that is a senior IT tech, I am very techy when it comes to my hobbies as well. I am a gamer (both Xbox one and PC), and I play bass guitar.

What brings me here is what brought most of you here also, I enjoy wearing diapers. I started wearing as a sexual thing but have slowly progressed to wearing to relax.

Thank you excepting me to this wonderful community and I look forward to interacting with you.
Welcome PaddedBass! When I first saw your user name I thought you were a fisherman. ;) I, too, am in for the relaxation aspect. I slept like a, well, baby, last night with an adult pullup on. It's also convenient when a restroom isn't nearby. Anyway, yes, it is fun here! Jump in on any threads that interest you. We look forward to hearing more from you!
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