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  • OMG your so lucky you got a Marci badge, or wait is it from Munk? Not sure it just look's alot like a Munk drawing. Anyway it's absolutely ADORABLE!! I'm so jealous >.<

    Oh, and if you got it comissioned can you tell me who it's from, and the price?
    Hey there foxie ^^
    hope your day is turning out awshum and your having a ton of fun XD
    A marsupial is a mammal with a pouch! Like a koala or a wallabe! Only north american marsupial is the oppossum!
    this is a post on your profile reminding/yelling at you to get on the yahoo thingimabob every once and a green moon as i am bored.
    :O don't have a private computer or you just scared of someone walking in on you?
    The forums seem very nice =p
    Hey there, ~10 hours ago I was sleeping indeed.
    I'm doing just fine, how about you?
    To much stuff. Lots of summer fun and stuff like that. But now school starts tomarrow.. So thats all over. :(
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